Masturbation is awesome. It is healthy, refreshing and also makes you happy, and science agrees with that. But there exist some of the weirdest studies in the world of science, such as the one by the Journal of Health Psychology that says "being homeless is bad for your health" (I know right?). There are a few strange masturbation studies as well. Masturbation is a safe way of exploring one's sexuality, g-spot and other erogenous zones. It has been tied with tonnes of physical and mental health benefits. Masturbation relieves stress, and release sexual tension. Masturbation is also known to increase blood flow, enhance sleep quality, improve the ability to concentrate, lift your mood, relieve menstrual cramps in women, ease pain and also enhance your sex life. You might want to learn more about what masturbation is and seven myths about self-sexual stimulation busted!

There are so many studies done on masturbation that have made us learn a lot about different elements of this fantastic expression of self-pleasure. For example, a study brought out a remarkable fact that said that men who have 21 or more orgasms per month might have their prostate cancer risk slashed by 33%. Isn't it amazing to know that masturbation may have a hand in protecting your life? But then there are some studies and surveys that make us go, "wait, what!?" Let's take a look at some of weirdest things science says about masturbation.

Masturbation Orgasms Can Alter Heart and Endocrine Functions of Women

A 1999 study, Cardiovascular and Endocrine Alterations After Masturbation-Induced Orgasm in Women says that sexual arousal and orgasm induced by masturbation may cause certain alteration in the pattern of neuroendocrine functions in women. The study focuses primarily on figuring out these alterations in women body caused by masturbation-induced orgasm and its impact on health. These results quite similar in men, suggesting that prolactin (a hormone that tells the body to make breast milk) is an endocrine marker of sexual arousal and orgasm. Reasons Why You Should Show Some Self-Love During Your Menstrual Period Cycle (Watch Video)

Slimmer Waist Means Less Masturbation

Slimness is Associated with Greater Intercourse and Lesser Masturbation Frequency, a 2010 article from Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy says that slimmer waist and hips were associated with less masturbation in men and "in the sexes combined". The study focuses on how people who masturbate more often have a thicker waist whereas the ones who don't have a slimmer one.

Boys Who Masturbate Use Condoms More

A 2011 study says that boys who masturbate are more likely to use condoms. The study underwritten by Church & Dwight Co., the maker of Trojan condoms says that boys who masturbated were about eight times more likely to have used a condom during their last sexual encounter when compared with boys who did not masturbate. Well, it further suggested that male masturbation plays a role in sexual self-awareness and condom using tendencies. How to Masturbate for Women: Follow These Steps for a Perfect Orgasm That No One Will Tell You. 

Sexually Abused Offenders Reported Earlier Onset of Masturbation

A 2003 study, Childhood Attachment, Childhood Sexual Abuse, and Onset of Masturbation Among Adult Sexual Offenders, says that sexually abused offenders started masturbating earlier than others. The study says that offenders with insecure paternal attachment were more likely to report having been sexually abused than were those with secure paternal attachment and in turn the sexually abused offenders reported the earlier onset of masturbation than the ones who were not sexually abused.

Regular Masturbation May Help You Become Managers And Ask For Better Raise

Research done by Univia says that people who regularly masturbate have more probablity of becoming managers at work. The survey studied the masturbation habits and jobs of 1,012 people, and it turns out people who masturbated a minimum of once a week, were more likely to do well at the workplace. The study also said that the number of people who masturbated regularly held high management positions and also earned better. Read in detail how people who masturbate regularly are more likely to hold managerial positions and ask for salary hike.

Well, a lot of efforts have gone into these studies, no matter how silly they may sound. However, you must remember that masturbation is surrounded by a lot of myths that must not fall for.

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