In a strange medical case, doctors were shocked to find a 3 cm live leech in the throat of a woman from China. To what the woman had disguised as a sore throat, turned out to be discomfort caused by a live leech in the throat. The woman visited the doctors in China after the pain became unbearable and it took the doctors some medical examinations to find out that it was indeed a blood-sucking parasite living in the woman's throat. The 65-years-woman reached out to the experts at Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital in China and complained that apart from the pain she was also coughing blood, as per reports. A bronchoscopy done on the woman revealed that a leech was living in her throat. The case was dealt by Dr Hongmei and his team of doctors who immediately froze the parasite using dry ice and then slowly peeled it off the woman’s throat. Woman Diagnosed With Throat Tumour; Doctors Shocked to Find Two-Inch-Long Leech Inside it (Watch Viral Video.)

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What do you do if a bloodsucking leech is on you?

Leeches usually fin mound oist area, so whenever you visit  places like forest areas, check yourself for leeches attatched to your body.  If you do find a leech, don't try to pull it off immediately. There are chances that the mouth of the leech gets left out under your skin while you pull out the rest of the parasite. Try applying some DEET, alcohol or table salt and it will slowly kill the blood-sucking parasite. Usually, a single leech bite just leaves you with some bleeding but if you come in contact with the bacteria in its gut, you might suffer an infection.

Dr Yao Hongmei, said to how they usually tackle situations when leeches enter the body of a human being. The doctor said, "In similar cases involving leeches in the past, doctors extracted the parasites by freezing them. Leeches go into hibernation at low temperatures, so I sprayed a carbon dioxide freezing agent on it, lowering part of its body to minus 80C. It froze, and then its suckers to release from the patient’s trachea wall, allowing me to remove it."

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