It's that rainy time of the year again, when you start having an ambivalent relationship with the rain gods, sometimes ever-so-grateful for the balmy winds, the earthy smells and other times cursing the gods for opening up the skies and letting lose a torrential pour that puts a heavy damper on your day. In between these moments of crisis of faith, ensure that you are rain-proof, when not under your roof, during the monsoon season that can sometimes prove treacherous for the unprepared. It's already quite virussy out there, without adding extra woes into our lives by falling ill to cold, coughs or viral fever bought on by rains.

India has just witnessed the onset of monsoon and is pouring out their folks. So be sure to avoid encounters with unwelcome diseases bought on by rains. These diseases are easily preventable by taking adequate precautions during rains. In this article, we will provide you with safety tips to follow during the rainy season.

Avoid Playing in Rains

We know it's hard to resist, given that you have to fill your Instagram feed quota for that rainy day. As attractive as that prospect sounds, resist stomping on puddles folks. This is one of the top precautions that should be followed since the puddles formed by rainwater hosts a lot of dangerous bacteria that can cause viral fever.

Drive Slowly

Road accidents are quite common during the rainy season. Rains fog up the windshield and impedes your eye-sight. So be careful to avoid running over any pedestrians on the side of the road and ensure that you as a driver don't end up wrapped around a tree or a pole. Always have your headlights and blinkers on.

Keep Umbrellas and Raincoats On Your Person at All Times

This is a no-brainer. During the rainy season, it is widely advised to keep your umbrellas and raincoats handy lest you want to be drenched by cold rain and follow that up by falling prey wide array of diseases. Riders especially should always carry their raincoats with them.

Wear Good Quality Foot Wear

Rubber sandals, Gum-boots with rubber soles, crocs are all efficient footwear for monsoon season. There are also a wide range of water-proof sneakers in the market to beat the rainy season

Always Carry a Safety Kit

Much like a first-aid kit, it is advisable to prepare a safety kit for the monsoon to always be prepared in case of an emergency. Battery-backed emergency lights. extra set of clothes and socks, medicines, thermos, thermometer, band-aids are all essential items that should take up prime real-estate space in your kit.

Stay Mosquito Proof

Rains are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Given that they carry many diseases, from dengue to malaria, it is highly advised to carry insect repellent spray, and ointments with you at all times.

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