Mother of Transgender Man Donates Her Uterus So Someone In The Trans Community Can Have a Child
Uterus (Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons)

In a heart-melting incident, a woman called Silvia park donated her uterus to a cis woman born without a uterus by a rare transplant. Silvia who is a mother of a 21-year-old transgender son donated her uterus to the woman earlier this year. Park is a devoted LGBTQ+ally since his son came out to her. According to media reports by Daily Mail, Silvia hopes that procedures like hers, helps scientists understand how to help even the transgender woman to have children. Till now, a uterus cannot be transplanted to a transgender woman.

According to the media reports, Silvia Park did no longer need her uterus, therefore, she donated it to the woman who needs. Reportedly she has three children and has happily raised 'a transgender son, another child and stepchild and knew she did not want any more children'.

Research On Potential Transgender Uterus Transplant 

A study on Uterus transplantation says that 'It has been noted that transgendered individuals also have ‘reproductive needs’, and among trans women, there may be strong desires to parent and gestate a genetically related child of their own. Trans women could regard pregnancy as the final step in re-aligning their life in accordance with the gender they psychologically identify with, as opposed to their biological sex.'

The study further discusses the possible remedies for this and says, 'Uterine transplantation(UTx) may remedy this, enabling trans women to experience gestational motherhood. There will be concerns regarding how safe such a procedure would be, as UTx into a biologically male body will give rise to more difficulties than performing such a procedure in a female body.'

The study further says that it should be technically possible but the anatomy pelvis of men also is not exactly of the same shape as the pelvis of women, and that might be the main problem.