Nose Hair Waxing Is the Latest Beauty Trend; Here Is Why It Is a Painful and Bad Idea
Is waxing the nose hair safe? Apparently NOT! (Photo Credit: Instagram/fmmen Instagram/ thekataesthetic)

Waxing has always been deemed as a necessity among women. Some people believe that it is the patriarchy prevailing in our society that is conditioning the women to have a hairless body so much so that it has become a compulsion and some believe that it is a vital part of the beauty industry. Whether it is waxing at home with homemade sugar syrup or getting it done from a salon, women are obsessed with waxing.

However, waxing the underarms, bikini area, hands and legs were the norms till now but it seems like women are going overboard with waxing and even waxing away hair from the nostril. Yes, you read that right! Women are actually taking a stick with its tip full of waxing agent and shoving it into their nostrils. Once it catches all the hair from inside the nose they pull it out rigorously.

Don't believe us? Take a look at this video of the beauty blogger getting a nasal waxing done.

Isn't this just bizarre? It is also as unhealthy as bizarre as it is. The nostril hair is really vital for your respiratory and overall health.

Here are a few reasons how waxing your nostril hair can harm your health:

1. It is a universal fact that hair in the nostrils acts as barriers against dirt, dust and small insects. It protects our respiratory system from the unwanted dust and germs.

2. While it also defends us from the environmental pathogens such as germs, fungus etc, did you know that it even provides humidity inside our nostrils that is extremely vital for your nasal health? The inhaled air is mixed with humidity by the mucus and hair.

3. You can only see so much inside a nostril, it is an intimate procedure. Waxing involves pulling nasal hair instead of trimming it which increases the chances of accidents. It may cause bleeding or injury inside your nostril.

4. Suffocation: The sticks with a tip covered with a waxing agent is shoved inside your nostrils. This may hamper our breathing as you have to leave it inside for a while to let the wax catch hold the hair, it may suffocate you. Especially if you are an asthma patient, beware!

5. Cause burns: As said before you really can't see what's happening inside the nostril once you shove it up plus it is a sensitive and soft area, there are chances that you burn your skin inside.


Would you go for nasal hair waxing? While it may be readily available at milder rates and may even seem attractive to you, make sure that your health comes first. If you see a hair or two peeping out of your nose take a clipper or small scissor and carefully trim it. It will me a way better idea can completely getting rid of the nasal hair.