The journey to optimal health involves daily choices about what we put in our bodies. Apart from food, dietary supplements often form parts of the daily intake for many people.

However, choosing what supplements to take could prove daunting owing to the sort of choices available and whether they are organic or contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

In recent years, the focus on non-GMO products has increased, with more scrutiny of  terms such as “certified organic,” “Non-GMO Project verified,” “organic,” “Non-GMO,” and “GMO-Free.” The myriad of choices can be overwhelming, making it challenging to discern the true nature of the supplements we consume.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not mandate the disclosure of GMOs in products, which leaves customers in the dark. Recognising the FDA’s lack of requirement for GMO ingredient disclosure, American dietary supplements giant Piping Rock empowers consumers with transparency in the uncertain landscape of GMOs by offering a non-GMO pledge.

Understanding GMOs: Piping Rock’s assurance

Genetically modified organisms have DNA altered to produce beneficial characteristics. In the context of herbs, this might mean faster growth or enhanced nutritional profiles. Piping Rock acknowledges both the potential advantages and concerns surrounding GMOs.

Rather than demonising these organisms, the company takes a pragmatic approach—acknowledging its potential benefits while prioritising customer choice. Its non-GMO promise is not a declaration against GMOs; it is a commitment to enhance lives by offering non-GMO options that cater to diverse consumer needs and promote health and wellness.

Piping Rock does not stop at a mere pledge; it ensures the integrity of its non-GMO products through a stringent assurance process. Suppliers providing non-GMO ingredients must adhere to rigorous quality steps, including providing necessary documentation, maintaining separation from GMO ingredients to prevent cross-contamination, and meeting or exceeding traceability and production measures.

This commitment to non-GMO assurance underscores Piping Rock’s dedication to delivering wholesome, life-enhancing quality without the unpredictability of genetic modification. While Piping Rock isn’t 100% non-GMO, its continual addition of new non-GMO products, including certified organic items, showcases a commitment to expanding choices for consumers.

Empowering health journeys

At the core of Piping Rock’s mission is a dedicated team of individuals passionate about making a positive impact on global health. With roots deeply embedded in the health and wellness industry for over 50 years, Piping Rock’s experience translates into knowledge and expertise. The company believes in empowering individuals on their unique health journeys, recognising that everyone’s path to well-being is distinct.

Piping Rock is a global leader in vitamins and supplements, where a rich family legacy meets cutting-edge science to empower millions on their unique health journeys.

Founded in 2011 by industry pioneer Scott Rudolph and his son Michael, Piping Rock stands out for its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

Catering to a global customer base

The non-GMO pledge is not a mere regulatory compliance at Piping Rock; it is a commitment to the well-being of its customers. In the context of health products, GMOs might offer specific nutritional profiles and Piping Rock believes that GMOs have both potential advantages and concerns. By expanding and clearly labelling its range of non-GMO products, Piping Rock facilitates a lifestyle choice for those who prefer non-GMO options.

This is more important since its distribution networks extend far beyond its Ronkonkoma, New York headquarters. Delivering to over 170 countries, the company ensures seamless communication with its website available in 20 languages. Transactions in more than 248 currencies and 12 convenient payment methods make Piping Rock products accessible to a global community.

Whether it is brain and memory support, cardiovascular health, energy and endurance, or a myriad of other health goals, Piping Rock’s extensive product catalogue offers over 2,000 choices. From caplets to gummies, liquids to powders, the company provides a diverse array of options to suit individual preferences.

Embracing the digital age, Piping Rock launched its app, bringing the convenience of shopping to users’ fingertips. As the company continues to grow and innovate, the app adds a new dimension to accessibility, enabling users to embark on their health journey with the tap of a screen.

Piping Rock isn’t just a supplement company; it is a commitment to empowerment, transparency, and quality. From navigating the GMO landscape to delivering innovative products and ensuring accessibility worldwide, Piping Rock is defining the future of wellness.

As its customers explore its vast product catalogue, guided by its core values of innovation, quality, experience, empowerment, and accessibility, they are not just choosing supplements; they are choosing a partner in their health journey with whom their well-being takes centre stage, and the future of wellness is brighter than ever.

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