There are two types of people: those who wear their kicks indoors the entire time and those who remove their shoes while entering the house. Personally, just the thought of dirt-ridden shoes picked up from the outside world is enough to make my skin crawl. That is precisely why I have set a rule to leave the shoes in the lobby to protect my abode from the uncanny grime collected along the way. It may not be one of the most hospitable of greetings asking your guests to leave their shoes outside, but it is a hygiene practice that you must follow. Here's why.

1. Your Shoes Accumulate Bacteria

The soles attract everything from leaves, grass, pollen and unidentified liquids. And then there is the gross grime from the seldom-cleaned carpet of your office and the tiles of the public toilet. We also cannot go about without mentioning the constellation of germs in any public transport surface, 96 percent of which are the faecal bacteria. Here's Where You Are Going Wrong with Washing Hands Correctly and Why

2. Shoes Can Make Your Allergies Worse

If you suffer from hay fever, you know how miserable the experience can be. But life doesn't stop with allergy season. So even though you are safer inside, you still need to go outside and do your chores. According to experts, shoes also pick up mould and allergens like pollen. So if you have a weakened immune system, you should definitely leave your shoes outside, else you can expect to cough and blow your nose non-stop.

3. The Dangerous Toxins Can Affect You

A study by the Environmental Protection Agency, found that if you treat your lawn with herbicides, the toxins can be transported into your house with your shoes. Exposure to herbicides can cause skin rashes and gastrointestinal problems in the short term. Another study conducted by Bailer University found that bringing toxins in from the asphalt road filled with coal tar, you could be at a higher risk of cancer. Hotels, Restaurants Will Have to Display Hygiene Ratings on Doors; FSSAI to Launch Rating System to Ensure Good Quality Food Served

4. Your Feet Will Stink

The longer you wear shoes, the more likely you are to sweat. You can also develop toenail fungus and athletes foot, all of which can make your feet stinky. And odour is not the only thing to worry about. Wearing improper footwear for a long time can also cause burning sensation in the soles of your feet and make them feel uncomfortably hot.

5. Your House Will Get Dirty

In addition to bacteria and toxins, shoes can also carry dirt and mud. So by asking your guests to leave their shoes outside, you are not only saving yourself from a cleaning spree but also from many microorganisms. If you bring mud into your home, the mud itself may not be that gross, but who is to say there are not animal droppings stuck in your shoes.

6. Shoes Can Exacerbate Bunions

A bunion is a foot deformity where the big toe is bent inward. Bunions are sometimes genetic but it is also likely that they will develop when you wear tight-fitting shoes and shoes with pointed toes. Your feet should be free every once in a while and not just when you sleep. As soon as you get home, you are allowing your feet to get into upright and lock position, fighting off the damage caused by fashionable shoes. Struggling with Size When Shopping Online? These Tips will Help You to Select the Right Apparel

7. Giving Your Feet a 'Shoe-Break' Can Reduce Foot Pain

Wearing shoes all the time can trap your feet and prevent them from getting the mobility they need. You should stretch your toes and arch your foot every now and then. When you wear shoes all the time, the connective tissues in your feet will get glued together over time. Walking bare feet can give some relief to your aching feet and increase their mobility.

On the days when you mistakenly cross the threshold barefoot, make sure that you clean the surface. Use disinfectants on your tiles and vacuum your carpets to prevent bacteria from building up.

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