Thanksgiving Sex: How to Have a Hot Make out Session after a Filling Dinner
Thanksgiving kiss (Photo credits: Pixabay)

It's Thanksgiving and you will be grateful for your family, friends and health. But if there is one thing that you should add to your gratitude list, it has to be sex and the awesome orgasms. We are not asking you to announce that you are grateful for your amazing romp sessions, we just want you to show your orgasms some love by letting down. If you cannot move because of all that turkey and pumpkin pie, take off your stretchy pants and try one of these hot sex positions.

Wish Bonded

If you are too full to move, simply lie down facing each other, pulling each other closer. Run your hands into each other's hair and gaze into each other's eyes. If you are truly in love with your significant other, you will realise that there is nothing more you could ask for.

Ground Vibrations

If you do not want to move an inch of your body, just lie down and hump on a toy or your hand. Your partner will feel super-blessed and totally heated up to see your actions. Sex Query of The Day: Why Does it Take Longer for Women to Orgasm?

The Hover

If your partner overdid their Thanksgiving dinner (we don't blame them), have them lie down on the back and hover on them like you were doing a crab walk. While you hold yourself over them, balance yourself on your hands and feet as they thrust up to reach you.

Get Stuffed

If you are too tired for any action, simply lie on your backs and touch each other's private parts for some mutual masturbation. Looking into their eye while you make them climax can be incredibly hot for the both of you. Hot Foreplay Ideas: Most Sensitive Body Parts to Stimulate Before Sex

Lick On

Lower yourself on your partner's face to receive the bounty that is oral. Place a pillow below their head so that they can elevate their head and give you several servings of oral without you having to kill your thigh muscles.

The Basted Turkey

End your sack session by throwing some towels on the floor and lubing your bodies up with massage oil. Now straddle your partner as you lean down to slide your breasts across their chest. How to Have the Most Romantic Sex of Your Life

Finish your night with a massage, a mutual scrub down and a shower before you park yourself in the bed for a good night's sleep.