UNAIDS Report Says 9.4 Million People Don’t Know They Are HIV Positive!
9.4 Million People Don’t Know They Are HIV Positive. (Photo Credit: WikiCommons)

AIDS is a fatal disease that doesn't have a cure yet. While having AIDS or even getting infected by the HIV virus are one most stigmatised things in our society the worst part is that the rate of awareness about HIV and AIDS is extremely low. Most people don't even know the difference between HIV and AIDS and use the two interchangeably. HIV is a virus that attacks the immune cells and hampers the body's natural defence system of the body whereas AIDS is a set of symptoms caused by HIV or we can say the final stage of HIV which is often fatal. Both HIV or AIDS do not have any cure, and in countries like India where some areas consider even talking about HIV and AIDS a taboo, people hardly realise that it is important to diagnose the disease earlier. That makes the battle against the disease is easier and quicker. According to the latest report, 'Knowledge is Power,' about 9.4 million people who are infected with the HIV virus are not even aware of it. Released by UNAIDS, the report claims that only about 75 per cent of all people living with HIV are aware of their status which is approximately 27 million people. Vampire Facial Suspected of Carrying HIV Risk! Here’s What You Need To Know About This Controversial Beauty Treatment. 

With the hope of increasing awareness even further, the report calls for increased efforts to reach the 9.4 million unaware people living with HIV. HIV or AIDS do not have a cure; therefore it is clear that early diagnosis is the key to proper treatment. Unlike the common notion People with HIV can enjoy a long and healthy life, however, it is vital that the diagnosis takes place at the right time. Only after the early diagnosis and by taking antiretroviral treatment can one fight the disease. However complete eradication is impossible up till now. The reports suggest that an intensified approach towards the HIV testing and treatment is required and it is essential to reach out to more and more people. Dr Michel Sidibé, the Executive Director of UNAIDS, believes that people living with HIV need to access to viral load testing every 12 months. He also believes that the Viral load testing is the "gold standard" in HIV treatment. The report also claims that there isn't an equal distribution in terms of the viral load testing across the country. Some areas had a very easy viral load testing with fully integrated into the HIV treatment of the person whereas some places have a single viral load machine for the whole country.