Since the advent of the refined food system, the label "healthy" has lost its meaning.  The so-called healthy foods, from juices to soups, come loaded with preservatives, food colours and sweeteners.  While these products are touted to be healthy they are actually not, and have dubious nutrient value charts that are mostly misleading. Moreover, sometimes some of the most nutritious foods are processed in such a way that they lose their nutrient and end up doing nothing for your body.  Weight Loss Home Remedies: Include These Spices In Your Diet To Melt Away Those Extra Kilos.

Consumers have been falling for not only packaged foods but also the false claims they make. Here are 5 foods that are considered healthy but are actually NOT.

 1. Protein/Energy Bars

They may be marketed as healthy snacks but are rich in processed sugars and preservatives. Some of the protein bars and energy bars contain more calories than a bar of chocolate. If at all you feel like choosing one of these bars make sure to read the nutritional table properly before eating.

2. Processed Foods that are 'Low-Fat' and 'Fat-Free'

What is the point of low-fat and fat-free foods if they are processed? Usually, products that have their fat content removed compensate for the taste by adding excessive sugar and salt. You may protect yourself from fat (which is not the villain it's made out to be) and welcome other unhealthy ingredients into your system.

3. Salad Dressings

To enhance the taste of green leafy veggies, people opt for salad dressing that is again rich is processed sugar, salt, saturated fats and other condiments. In fact, these kinds of salad dressing make your meal less nutritious. They are also replete in sodium, which causes high blood pressure and bloating.

4. Processed Organic Foods

The term "organic" has become a cloak of credibility for processed food manufacturers to increase their sales. Not all foods that are called organic are free from preservatives and chemicals. You might want to read the nutritional information to get to know the real ingredients. Moreover, something like organic sugarcane, doesn't make the product less sugary or low in calories; it is grown organically i.e. without chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

5. Flavoured/Masala Oats

If you think you are doing your body favour by having masala oats for breakfast, you cannot be more wrong. Flavoured/masala oats actually contain loads of processed sugar, salt and preservatives, even more than what your body requires. You better opt for plain oatmeal and have it without any added sugar or sugar-like components.

The best solution is to cook your own food and eat things that are freshly grown. Opt for whole fruits over fruit juices and check for the ingredients in your food item as well as the way of cooking it.

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