We often tend to ignore our eye health. Admit that the only time you think about your eyes is when you have to peer to read the minute letters on a book or when your eyes hurt while wearing those contacts. But your eyes deserve absolute attention at all times. If you notice any changes in your vision get them checked at the earliest as they can signal life-threatening conditions such as strokes, tumours, and even cancer. Last Sunday of September is World Retina Day. On this day, let's make an effort to understand our eye health better. Get yourself checked as soon as possible if you experience any of these weird eye symptoms.

Your Eyes Hurt or Burn

A condition called blepharitis can lead to inflammation which can, in turn, make your eyes burn. The condition is caused by bacteria or microscopic mites that live on the eyelids. A stye or an inflammation on the eyelid can also make your eyes hurt. If that happens, you have to place a hot compress for the pimple to drain on its own. Sunburn or snow blindness could also make your eyes hurt. It usually happens due to exposure to UV rays but they go away on their own.

You See Flashes of Light and Drifting Cobwebs

There is a part called vitreous body in the back chamber of your eyeball which makes your eyes look different. The area has an egg white-like consistency which becomes more liquid as you age and appear like cobwebs. While they are typically harmless, if you notice an increase in the number of floaters get yourself checked. It could be an indication that the retina and blood vessels in the eye are torn. Flashes of light could also be a retinal detachment which could potentially lead to blindness. What Are Those Strange Worm Like Lines, Sparkles and Dots That Appear In Front of Our Eyes? Know Everything About Floaters and Their Cause.

You Have a New Freckle or Mole on Your Eye

Ignore if you always had that freckle, but if a new one pops up, get yourself evaluated. Moles might seem harmless but they can potentially become malignant to what's known as the melanoma. A tumour or melanoma developing in the back of the eye may also be accompanied with other symptoms like blurred vision and a full-blown retinal detachment. 5 Things about Eye Donation You Didn't Know About!

Your Eyes Are Extremely Bloodshot or Dry

While several allergens like pollen or cat hair can make your eyes red and dry, dryness could also be caused when your eye doesn't produce enough surface tears to stay lubricated. Try using lubrication but if that doesn't work, you will probably need medical attention. Your ophthalmologist will check for chronic dry eye or an autoimmune disorder that needs a little more than just eye drops.

You Are Seeing Double

If you see double vision on both the eyes, it could mean that your muscles aren't aligned properly, which could probably indicate a neurological problem like a brain tumour or a stroke. However, double vision on one eye could be due to an issue related to the retina or a cataract. Muscular issues can be corrected by eyeglasses but a more serious one may need surgical treatment. Are You Losing Your Vision? Watch Out For These 6 Signs of Glaucoma.

Protip: Never sleep in your contacts even if they are labelled extended wear. Sleeping in contacts can make you more prone to infection or scar the cornea.

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