Thiruvananthapuram, October 9: On Monday, October 9, a father and son in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, tested positive for Brucellosis. The duo from Vembayam, on the outskirts of the capital city, had a fever, but medical assistance did not help them. Further examinations and comprehensive tests indicated that both were positive for brucellosis disease.

While the youngster has recovered, the father is still being treated at the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College hospital, according to officials. The family reportedly has cattle at home. Panic has spread in the nearby areas of Vembayam after the incident emerged. Brucellosis Case in Kerala: Father and Son Test Positive for Bacterial Infection in Thiruvananthapuram.

What is Brucellosis Disease?

Brucellosis is an infection caused by the bacterium Brucella. One can develop brucellosis by drinking raw milk, consuming raw milk products, or touching diseased animals. Symptoms such as fever, joint pain, and sweating might appear and disappear over an extended period of time. Antibiotics are used to treat Brucellosis. Brucellosis is a zoonotic illness, which means it is spread by animals. It's also known as undulant fever, Malta fever, Mediterranean fever, and a variety of other names.

Symptoms and Causes

Symptoms of brucellosis take two to four weeks or longer to appear after you’re exposed to the bacteria. Symptoms can come and go for months or years, including fever, joint pain, wait loss, headache, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, and depression.

Several types of Brucella bacteria cause brucellosis, including B. abortus, B. canis, B. meliensis, and B. suis. Animals, including goats, pigs, deer, moose, sheep, dogs, and camels can carry Brucella. Nipah Virus in Kerala: Four People Including Minor Boy Have Recovered and Tested Double Negative, Says Health Minister Veena George.

Treatment of Brucellosis Disease

Your doctor will use a combination of at least two antibiotics to treat brucellosis. You must use them for at least six to eight weeks. Other therapy (such as draining infected areas or controlling problems) may be required, depending on your unique circumstances. The physicians might get body fluid samples and use imaging or other tests to help diagnose brucellosis.

Prevention From Brucella Disease

  1. By practicing appropriate food handling and wearing protective clothes when working with animals, you can lower your chance of contracting brucellosis.
  2. Do not consume unpasteurized milk or meals containing unpasteurized milk.
  3. When working with animals or animal tissues, wear suitable safety equipment. Gloves, an apron, and goggles may be included. Butchers, veterinarians, hunters, farmers, and those who work in slaughterhouses or medical labs must exercise extreme caution.
  4. Cook meat to safe temperatures, and always wash your hands, as well as the surfaces and equipment used to prepare it.

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