Every year, International Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) Awareness Day is observed on April 13 around the world. The day is dedicated to raising awareness about FND, a condition where there is a problem with the functioning of the nervous system, leading to symptoms that affect movement or senses. International FND Awareness Day aims to educate people about FND, bust the myths around it and support individuals affected by this disorder. This day is a perfect opportunity for groups for individuals living with FND and their caregivers to share their experiences, and access resources for coping with FND. As International FND Awareness Day 2024 nears, here’s all you need to know about the International FND Awareness Day 2024 date and the significance of the day. World Parkinson's Day Date & Significance: What Is Parkinson's Disease? Everything To Know About the Progressive Neurological Disorder.

International FND Awareness Day 2024 Date

International FND Awareness Day 2024 will be observed on Saturday, April 13.

International FND Awareness Day Significance

International FND Awareness Day serves as a platform to highlight the need for improved recognition, diagnosis, treatment, and support for individuals affected by Functional Neurological Disorders. On this day, several activities like educational events, fundraisers, and social media campaigns are organised to spread awareness and understanding about FND. Local communities organise awareness-raising activities such as health fairs, or community centers to educate the masses about the disorder and ways to overcome it.

Promoting early detection can help individuals as it can improve outcomes and quality of life for individuals with FND. By raising awareness about the signs and symptoms of the disorder, International FND Awareness Day encourages early recognition and timely access to healthcare services. Increased awareness of FND can lead to greater support for research initiatives aimed at better understanding the disorder, improving diagnostic tools, and developing more effective treatments.

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