Winter Activities Apart From Sex That Burn an Insane Amount of Calories and Help You Lose Weight
Weight loss (Photo credits: Pixabay)

You will be lying if you say that you do not love the feel of fresh air hitting your lungs when you break a sweat beneath the sun. Spending time in nature is every bit enjoyable as the hit of endorphins you get by jogging or hiking. But just because it is winter, does not mean that you have to give up on your outdoor fitness routine. As long as you are motivated, you can continue to get your sweat on outside. Here's how you can burn as many calories as you do in your summer workouts.

1. Hiking

Just because it is chilly, doesn't mean that you can't go out for a hike. A brisk hike can be one of the best ways to enjoy outdoors while getting a vigorous workout at the same time. Depending on your speed and the inclination of the land, you can expect to burn anywhere between 430 to 650 calories per hour. Winter Sex Tips: Hottest Ideas to Warm up Your Sex Life in the Cold Weather for the Best Orgasm of Your Life

2. Walking the Dog

When its winter, take your furry animal out for a brisk walk every single day. Walking with your dog will not only be easy on the joints, but you will also burn a good amount of calories with this low-impact activity. When you keep walking from point A to point B, you can burn anything between 250 to 450 calories every hour.

3. Raking Leaves

It may not be the most exciting way to get your heart pumping, but clearing up your lawn or your yard can help you burn anything between 250 to 400 calories. Clear every leaf from the garden, and we dare you to jump on the pile of leaves. Trust us, you would be so tired to move, that you would only want to hit the sack. Winter Wellness Mantra: 6 Ways to Boost Your Immune System in the Chilly Weather

4. Splitting Wood for Bonfire

Bonfire with a glass of mulled wine - can there be a better way to spend winter evenings? But it turns out that you can get a killer workout by chopping the wood for the fireplace while burning around 400 to 500 calories in an hour. Plus, you will have a cosy reward of getting to relax in front of bonfire later.

5. Running

If you have been an avid runner, there is no reason to discontinue your routine during the colder months. Just plan your route to ensure that there are no obstacles like ice on the way. Also, make sure that you dress appropriately for the cold weather. Do not venture out without wearing layers, wicking fabrics, gloves and a hat. Depending on your speed and intensity, you can burn anything between 600 to 1200 calories in an hour just as you do at other times of the year. Cold Temperatures Getting You Down? Here's How to Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder and Boost Your Energy and Mood This Winter

6. Ice-Skating

Want insanely toned glutes? Try ice-skating. When it comes to winter workouts, ice-skating can be an extremely efficient way to burn tons of calories. Not only can you spin and twirl to your heart's desires, but you can also burn 500 to 700 calories in an hour. Besides, you will work your abductors apart from your glutes.

The one activity that can burn the most calories passively, is shivering. So why not do some yoga in the freezing weather to burn some extra calories and keep warm? You can burn around 180 calories an hour in a basic hatha yoga class, imagine how many calories you would be burning when you practice yoga outdoors in winter.