With the increase in weight comes a decrease in energy levels. And this is something very common that happens during winter.

During the winter season, it becomes extremely difficult for many to stay fit, because the dropping temperatures keep everyone stuffed in the bed under the blanket. To help those lazy ones stay fit, we at LatestLY, have curated a list of exercises perfect for all the lazy bums out there. Easy Weight Loss Exercises to Reduce Body Fat and Improve Health.


All you need is just 20 minutes out of your bed, and this workout will make you completely drenched. Workout for 20 seconds and take a break for 10 seconds, that’s how you do a Tabata workout.


Play your favourite song and run for just one song. Get lost in the music and let your body do the work.

Butterfly Crunches

For people who find it extremely difficult to get off the bed, butterfly Crunches are just the best for you. The diamond-shaped positioning of your legs stretched your back and hamstrings and crunches in this position to activate and strengthen your core.

Donkey Kicks

You can do a variety of donkey Kicks on the bed itself. This will stabilise your core and help your build strong glute muscles. Do it with a straight leg or a bent leg, you can do a lot many variations in this one.


This is one of the easiest yet toughest exercises that you can do anywhere. Lift your body up in a straight position on your elbows and your toes and hold for maximum time. This will activate all the muscles of your body and help stabilising the core.

Also, you can always do yoga whenever you get time. Yoga will help you stretch all your muscles that have become stiff due to your laziness and will also help you lose fat.

Happy exercising!

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