A day dedicated to the world's favourite pleasure pass time- Masturbation! National Masturbation Day, aka International Masturbation Day, is celebrated on May 28 every year for all the right reasons you can imagine! Masturbation day or "Wankers Day" as it is called in Britain and Australia this day is dedicated to highlighting the importance of masturbation and banishing the myths related to the practice. Masturbation isn't just enjoyable but also extremely healthy! Improving the blood flow is just one of the many health benefits of masturbation. It is an extremely easy way to orgasm the way you want, also it helps you to explore your body sexually and know your real erogenous zones. Co-incidently, it is the international menstrual hygiene day as well! And you know what we are thinking, ya nasty! International Masturbation Day 2019: Show Some Self Love! 6 Health Reasons to Masturbate.

Menstruation and masturbation don't just sound similar but also have a connection. masturbating during menstruation will help you in a lot of ways. Ya! We know what you thinking- the bloody mess will be worth it, trust us.

Here are reasons why you should masturbate during menstruation:

Improves period blood flow

Did you know masturbation improves your pelvic blood flow while also making your period blood flow easily? Masturbation makes you feel excited and that causes a rush of blood flow in your pelvic muscles. Sometimes period blood clots get stuck in your vaginal system and giving is a little happy shake helps you get rid of it easily.

Reduces pain

An interrupted blood flow sometimes causes pain during periods. A good blood flow caused by masturbation can really help you get rid of pain during periods. Moreover, the happy hormones released can help you feel lesser pain.


Masturbation releases a lot of happy hormones and the hormonal boost gives helps make your menstruation flow smoother. While you are menstruating your estrogen levels rises while your progesterone levels decrease. All this causes testosterone levels to rise which is also one reason you feel hornier during periods. So listen to your body asking for an orgasm.

Improves Sleep

Many women find it difficult to fall asleep during menstruation, because of all the dirty feeling and pain. Masturbation is known to put you to sleep better than anything else. The release of endorphins when you orgasm will help you sleep better during periods.

Elevates mood

What is better than being in a happier mood during your periods? Masturbation immediately makes you feel better because of the hormones released while you orgasm. Masturbation can help you control your mood swings and feel ten times better instantly.

Things you must keep in mind while masturbating during menstruation:

And most importantly, what is stopping you from masturbating during periods? Masturbation feels good any day then why compromise during menstruation? Go ahead and give your mood an amazing boost by masturbation!

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