World Retina Day is observed on the last Sunday of September. It aims to seek a cure for Retinitis Pigmentosa and allied diseases. The eyes are windows to the soul. We often overlook the importance of the health of our eyes. The retina is the thin layer of tissue that lines the back of the eye on the inside. Its function is to receive light reflected from the lens of the eye. The day has a tragic history and cause for the celebration. Know more about this day and why it is one of the most important days. World Health Day 2018: Why Is Eye Health Important.

The roots of World Retina Day date back to 1927 even though it came into existence in 2003. Know more about the date and significance of the day. Blindness Causes: 5 Unexpected Things That Can Make You Go Blind.


The World Retina Week is celebrated in the last week of September, uptill the last Sunday. Following that, World Retina Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of September every year, to honour PC Gutteridge and the lack of importance given to our eye-sight. In 1927, Gutteridge was murdered and shot twice in his eyes. The murdered did it because he believed an old superstition that a dead man’s eyes hold the last image he saw in life. It will be celebrated on September 29 in 2019.


After the incident, Dr Lesley Frederikson, national director of the New Zealand Association of Optometrists says, "We’ve learned a great deal more about retinas in the 76 years since that grisly murder – too late to help George, but enough to know how vital a role they play in our sight and how important it is we look after them”. Hence the day came into existence to make us realise the importance of our retina.

The gruesome murder gave chills to people and gave birth to World Retina Day. According to the Vision Council of America, about 71 percent of adults wear specs to help their vision. The goal is to come together and fight blindness.

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