Digital marketing has become one of the most rewarding fields for those who can leverage it's vast reach, today almost every other business is looking to expand their reach online, the fore sighted duo, Pawan Chaudhary and Vipin Chaudhary sensed the need to deliver top notch advanced services to potential businesses and came up with their all encompassing, tech backed venture, VP Anokhi Media Pvt ltd and have since then become pioneers in the fields of digital solutions.

Having spent a remarkable period in the industry, the entrepreneur duo has been hailed with their dexterous team to solve the issues of website and app development with their flagship blogging and WordPress solutions.

The rise of a Phoenix 

Pawan Chaudhary began his tryst with destiny from the city of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh in the year 2013 and in a short period bought a laptop with his hard-earned money, the phoenix in him has risen, soon he started broadening his frontiers and trying his hands on various verticals of the blogging world, soon he realised the overarching potential in this field.

Having first hand experience by working on Uc News, Daily Hunt, News Dog , Opera News Etc for a substantial amount of time gives him the advantage of understanding the algorithm better than anyone can.

Similarly, the other founding partner of VP Anokhi Media, Vipin Chauhary has been challenging himself with several stints in the digital marketing industry, because of which the duo is generating revenue from a host of different avenues.

Their advanced skill set and know-how of all the basics of blogging have certainly been revolutionary in how businesses transition to multiple platforms in the global diaspora.

Since the inception of the firm, the idiosyncratic approach of the dedicated team at VP Anokhi Media has been amongst the first preference of multiple organisations that lead by example today. Their USP- the tech driven approach to solving business problems by use of digital marketing tactics developed by year's of continuous hard work.

They have been able to scale their success to over 3 physical and dozens of virtual business locations and has also spearheaded renowned music video production companies such as

Nohara Music Entertainment Private Limited with their astute vision.

The CEO's have come a long way and deserve every inch of this unparalleled success, today they are not only guiding and inspiring their team of employees but are a analogy for business aspirants across the globe. They are testimony to the fact that if you master your field with a sound business sense and courage to dream big than you can can achieve massively.