Amidst ongoing disruption across every major market, some brands are effectively filling the gap between consumer needs and specific preferences.

For the multi award winning music producer, turned fashion mogul and successful investor Djibril Gibson Kagni – the man behind some of the biggest chart-topping records of the past decade -  quarantine and lockdown are not synonymous with lack of swagger.

As the young black entrepreneur´s luxury apparel line MMA Couture continues its upward trend, consolidating its market position amongst the strongest independent high fashion street wear brands available today, ongoing social and geopolitical upheaval have impacted the already massively successful label in an unexpected way: tastemakers and trendsetters from Paris to Dubai to Atlanta have all been captured wearing the uber-stylish official MMA Couture limited edition face mask as they venture out into the streets.

While the acceptance of the brand´s latest limited release comes as no surprise to premium brand analysts given the successful track record that both Mr. Kagni and his various business enterprises have sustained, a noteworthy development is the seemingly unstoppable expansion of the ultra premium apparel industry despite turbulent economic outlooks.

For A-list music superstars like Jason Derulo, T-Pain and Gucci Mane to name a few, the philosophy behind the MMA brand goes far beyond making a statement; It´s all about reflecting an individually sanctioned and highly discerning fashion standard that has gone on to become the calling card of a new generation of discerning fashionistas.

“I look at my apparel brand like I look at some of the other major enterprises within my portfolio, I want it to be the best. I expect it to be the best, and I won´t settle for anything less than that, because that is what our clients have come to expect from MMA and the Kagni family of global brands.” –Mr. Kagni states.

Set against the backdrop of the `Black Lives Matter´movement, it is not hard to recognize how a handful of bold and unapologetic self-made business titans like Gibson Kagni have stood up and successfully represented their own heritage as they continue conquering market spaces that had previously been reserved for multi-billion dollar international conglomerates.

This seems to be the dawn of a new independent uprising where tenacious, creative and naturally talented business strategists like Djibril Gibson Kagni get to play an active role in the re-arrangement of modern society.