Growing vegetables gives people a special sense of satisfaction. When a plant you have been taking care since a long time finally gives fruit or flowers, it is a beautiful feeling. And with the current lockdown, more and more people are trying to grow their own vegetables to become self-sustainable in one or the other way. While growing veggies at home won't be an easy task especially for city-dwellers, here are certain things which you can try at home even in small spaces. Check out some common vegetables and herbs you can easily re-grow at home from leftovers. Yes, leftover greens bought from the market can help you grow veggies. How to Grow Vegetables at Home in Quarantine? From Mint to Spinach, 5 Veggies And Herbs You Can Grow Easily During Lockdown (Watch Videos)

While many veggies grow only from their seeds, there are quite some which can grow from stems and butts. Also, some of them can even manage without soil and grow just in water. Check out below the list of five vegetables and herbs which can be grown from scraps. Easiest Herbs to Grow at Home: From Mint to Basil, These Five Fresh Herbs Are Perfect to Plant Indoors.


While you can grow only with their seeds, you can plant the leftover head of the root and grow leaves. The carrot green tastes like parsley and can be used in salads. They are quite nutritious and high in potassium.


Lettuces are magical plants that grow back every time you cut it (quite a fighter, no?) Place the leaves in a bowl with a little water in the bottom and within two weeks it will give you fresh leaves. From sandwich to a side salad, you can treat according to your desire.


Being an ingredient widely used in dish es, there is a very high consumption of garlic on a day-to-day basis. Plant the cloves of garlic at a one-foot distance from each other with the pointed end being up and the blunt end down. Each clove should be two inches inside the ground and the rest outside. Water regularly but ensure the roots don't rot. Garlic will take some months to grow and demands quite some care. While harvesting b gentle with the roots.

Green Onions

Retain the white part of green onions and place it in the water on a windowsill which receives sunshine. Plant it in a transparent pot if you want to monitor the growth of the roots. They will quickly grow and you can use the green portion in your dishes. If you are looking at a big planet, transplant into a pot with soil.


Mint is one of the fast-growing species in the garden. You can grow it in a pot of soil or a bottle of water. You can plant the store-bought plant. The roots will develop in less than 7 days and the leaves will start appearing soon. Once it is big enough, trim it regularly.

Growing veggies at home not only ensures you don't have to go out looking for veggie but also saves money. In the lockdown quite a lot of people to try to learn to plant at home so they don't have to depended on others always. We hope you found this article useful. Happy gardening!

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