Mumbai, April 12: In a remarkable achievement for the Indian spirits industry, Piccadily Distilleries' Indri Single Malt Whisky, affectionately known as Indri-Trini, has crossed the 1 lakh cases mark within just two years of its launch. This milestone has earned Indri the title of the fastest-growing single malt whisky in the world and established it as a symbol of national pride.

Piccadily Distilleries CEO Praveen Malviya expressed his pride in Indri's success, stating, "Indri isn't just leading the charge; it's leading a revolution in a market once dominated by imported labels." Since its debut in November 2021, the brand's journey has been adorned with over 25 prestigious global accolades, including 'Best Indian Single Malt' at the World Whisky Awards and the International Whisky Competition. Indian Whisky Indri Crowned as World’s Best: Here’s How Country’s Single Malts are Giving Tough Fight to Global Brands.

Indri Crowned As World's Best

The Indri Diwali Collector’s Edition was recently crowned 'Best Whisky In The World' at the Whiskies of the World Awards, surpassing its Scotch and American competitors and highlighting the brand's exceptional growth of 599% compared to the previous year.

Indri Single Malt Whisky Emerges As World's Best

The rise of Indri-Trini reflects a significant shift in consumer behaviour. According to early estimates by the Confederation of Indian Alcoholic Beverage Companies (CIABC), Indian single malt whiskies experienced a 144% surge in 2021-22 and commanded an impressive 53% of total sales in 2023. Rum Chaas Viral Video: Man Adds Buttermilk to Alcoholic Drink, Netizens Share Hilarious Responses to the Bizarre Combination.

Indri and Its Future Plans

With ambitious expansion plans, Piccadily Distilleries aims to position Indri among the world’s top five-selling single malt whiskies. The company remains committed to innovation, exploring new horizons, and delivering exceptional experiences to whisky enthusiasts globally.

As Indri continues to redefine the standards of Indian single malt whisky, it stands as a testament to the spirit of innovation and excellence that defines the brand.

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