Who said miracles does not exist? Making it happen in real life, reiki Healer Ayush Gupta did something unbelievable. The 17-year old guy with the use of energy tried to heal a patient suffering from coronavirus. And guess what? The patient is now fully recovered after suffering from COVID-19. The young boy has done a miraculous work but does not completely claim that reiki therapy can heal a patient suffering from coronavirus. “The doctors and scientists across the globe are conducting multiple types of research in a day to find a vaccine for the deadly virus. I just tried with energy healing and it surprisingly worked”, said Ayush.

The reiki expert further revealed that the Mumbai-based woman Laxmi Bhandari was tested positive for coronavirus on April 29. Speaking about the treatment through energy healing, Ayush said, “Laxmi Ji consulted me on May 1, and we conducted around 12 sessions. She was in her 4 months of pregnancy and by God’s grace, the energy healing worked. By May 11, she was having no symptoms of coronavirus when tested in the hospital. After being in self-quarantine for 14 days, Laxmi Ji and her baby are now doing pretty good.” He even said that this was one of a kind of an experience where Energies cured a patient of a deadly virus which has no vaccine yet.

Ayush has earlier helped many people solve coping up with physical, mental and emotional stress. He even holds the world record for being the youngest Reiki Healer of India and was bestowed with the recognition on April 12, 2014. Born in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, Ayush learnt reiki healing at the age of 12 from his grandmaster Devank Shukla Ji. His father Kashi Prasad Gupta insisted Ayush to learn reiki and today this young guy is doing phenomenal work by spreading positivity all around. Moreover, his clientele includes many celebrities like Remo D’Souza, Shobhit Sinha, Bharti Singh, Nikul Desai, Shankar Mahadevan and Ravi Dubey among others.

With having treated more than 350 people all over India with reiki healing, Gupta has earlier healed patients suffering from cancer and diabetes as well. The latest addition in his list of achievements is the recovery of Laxmi Bhandari from coronavirus. “As of now, I cannot claim reiki healing as the reason behind her recovery from COVID-19. I am working on it and will try testing it to heal other patients suffering from it. If it works, this would perhaps be the biggest achievement of my life”, he added.