"Find a place inside yourself where nothing is impossible."

Over the last few decades, we have seen social media rapidly grow and it has gained importance among people of all ages. According to many social reports, nearly 3484 billion people actively use social media, which is almost 45% of the world’s population. These people look up to influencers on social media to guide them through their numerous decisions in life. Influencers on social media are people who inspire, endorse, or share aspects of their lives with people all over the world. They successfully build a reputation and gain recognition for their knowledge and expertise on a specific topic over time and through the quality of the content they share. Ishna Batra is one of the leading social media influencers from Mumbai. She is a Mothers blogger and her social media is a replication of it. The name of Instagram @mammaslifestyle does  pretty much justice to what her Instagram feed actually is: Ishna Batra's lifestyle.

Ishna Batra, a social media sensation, updates her posts with new parenting technique videos, travel diaries, fashion posts, and basically everything that happens in her life. Ishna Batra’s motherhood did not really stop her from doing what she truly and really loved. Now she is engaged in inspiring women to embrace their motherhood wholeheartedly and not let it affect their other life aspects. Her social media is just a perfect space to fill your heart with warmth and happiness by watching her happy moments with her two kids and the other fashion hacks that she posts. Ishna Batra has perfectly balanced her life with the activities she enjoys. She’s also into strict fitness and yoga regime which is the result that she successfully lost 25kg weight that she gained post her second pregnancy. Cardio and yoga are things she does religiously every day, and it's the secret ingredient in her happy and healthy lifestyle.

"Blogging is a way for moms to share their stories and create supportive communities around their experiences. They have the power to sway millions of people.” In the 21st century, Instagram has become the most popular social media platform, which can be used for several purposes, other than just getting connected with your loved ones. Ishna Batra, the founder of @mammaslifestyle, has best used her power to show the public that a mother's life can be exactly as they imagine it. Ishna Batra has also used her digital media power to endorse some really beneficial products for it’s audiences. she has worked with some truly amazing and prestigious brands, including Amazon, Pampers, Johnson’s and Johnson’s and many hotels and hospitality chains. She has excelled in the field of fashion as a mother by bringing new looks, styles, and beauty hacking content to her virtual audience, which they love and appreciate. Ishna Batra is a perfect example to all those mothers who want to pursue their passion and motherhood together.

“ Be true to yourself, be authentic and success will follow you."