Through his father, 11-year-old Jack Pullen learned about motocross riding many years ago. Even then, he was fascinated by the sounds of motor racing. He knew already back then that he wanted to make motocross-racing his career. Even though he was repeatedly asked about his age by other people, Jack knew that only his willpower would matter for him.

For the motocross youngster, this means giving up things that other kids at his age would do. Instead of movie nights, he had training sessions with his coach Tyla in the USA and his coach Andre in his home country of South Africa. In the beginning, training was anything but easy for him. But he learned very quickly. Nowadays, Jack trains 5 to 6 times a week.

As a motocross rider, he races in the 65cc and 85cc classes. In these classes he has already won regional and national awards in South Africa. In 2020 he also got podeium places in the USA.

This motivated him to continue his career in the USA. In 2021, he wants to move to Florida and focus on motocross riding full time. It will also be the first time he will compete in the 65cc and 85cc categories at the US MX season. In recent years he had already won many regional and national awards in his home country of South Africa.

His life currently consists mainly of motocross training, gym training and school. Since he only has online lessons at the moment, this gives him the opportunity to focus more on his passion.

Meanwhile, the motocross-youngster is sponsored by many well-known brands such as OGIO, Twin Air, EVS Sports, ARMA Sports, FMF, ProTaper and Matrix Concepts, More than 39 thousand people follow the young 11-year-old on Instagram. Besides Facebook, this is the platform where Jack is most active. He not only uses Instagram to inspire himself personally, but also to connect with other young talents.

But it wasn’t the successful moments , it were the painful moments  that made Jack stronger as a person. Although he had a serious accident last year and even had to go under surgery, he did not let the incident drag him down mentally.

He had a clear goal in mind right from the start and knew that such events would only make him stronger. This mindset is essential as a motocross rider, says Jack. Things don’t always work out as accepted . Often something comes in between, but it is one’s responsibility to come out of such situations as a strengthened personality.