Laci Kay Somers on Why the Greatest Obstacle to Future Success Is Current Success 
Laci Kay Somers (Photo Credits: File Image)
In an ever-changing and disruptive world, one of the most important parts to be successful is having strong personal brand- leverage that to drive revenue and diversify into other assets and income streams. Laci Kay Somers is an actress, model, and recording artist from San Francisco, California, who has built a social media brand with over 11 million followers. Due to smart business decisions, she has been able to build several other income streams and online ventures. Today she spends most of her time in Los Angeles, creating new music and networking with other successful entrepreneurs and musicians.
To the public, she probably just looks like a model, but she’s also quite business savvy and has a nursing degree. She works on multiple projects behind the scenes with some of the smartest people on the planet. For example, she’s currently working on a music single and EP, creating more music videos, and collaborating with other artists.
She created her social media profiles in 2013 and quickly identified how to grow them exponentially and generate revenue through sponsorships and brand deals. Then she turned that income into more revenue streams some of which include online businesses. To secure brand deals, focus on growing your followers and engagement so brands will reach out to you. Create valuable, eye-catching content that is different than everyone else, and continuously reinvest in your content and advertising campaigns. You also need professional, well-lit photos that capitalize on trends and are authentic to you.
You can also reach out to brands yourself. Demonstrate how you can help them reach a new audience to increase their sales and brand equity.                 Reading has been important to Laci’s success and one of those books is:  “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg is a handy tool to build better habits and jump-start your goals. She’s read it twice in the past two years, and its lessons continue to help me develop positive routines that create more opportunities and revenue for myself and those around me.
This book taught her to start every day with a positive outlook by visualizing my goals and speaking them into existence through affirmations. It also showed her that you have to be consistent and disciplined because great things take time. Her advice for others to be successful is: “Focus on what you can control, and don’t worry about what other people think. Many people wanted to see me fail when I was younger, and many still want to see me fade away into “average.” Instead of letting this discourage me, I use this as motivation to create more for myself and my family.
I would also tell my younger self to be more positive during hard times. They don’t last forever and are there to make you stronger and position you for growth. Use them to propel you forward and create a better life. One day, you will be able to look back on how far you’ve come.”
Everyone needs to grow and have leadership traits to be successful. Laci is surrounded by great leaders who push her to improve every day. They lead by example and make calculated decisions, not emotional ones. A true leader weighs the pros and cons and considers the potential ROI and risks before making logical decisions that yield the best outcome. They also trust themselves and understand that mistakes are part of the growth process. They manage their resources well, clearly define their purpose and values, and seize opportunities. If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never get it.
The greatest obstacle to future success is current success. When you’re successful, it’s easy to become complacent and forget to innovate and do the work. But if you don’t, others will pass you by.
Evaluating a deal is a major key to being successful. Laci’s advice to evaluating business deals are: she assesses the risks with her advisors, who have years of experience evaluating business contracts and projects. With her advisors and close business confidants-together, they have created a plan for early retirement — even though she will never officially retire.
The takeaway is this: she took the time to educate herself before making the decision and hired the smartest minds in the world to manage her assets. If you know what you’re doing and understand the worst- and best-case scenarios, it’s easier to evaluate whether a decision is right for you. Identify your ideal outcome, and don’t be afraid to take systematic risks.
Whether you’re buying a car, making an investment, or starting a business, remember that formal education will make you a living — but self-education will make you a fortune.
Her daily routine for success is: “I start my day with a healthy breakfast and a workout. If I don’t, it throws off my entire day. Next, I look at my schedule and meet with my manager to discuss my daily and weekly goals. We identify new ways to increase my revenue and social reach and refine our monthly strategies for social and financial growth.
Once everything in my business is taken care of, I enjoy Los Angeles, try new restaurants, and relax with my sister and puppies. My evening ritual includes planning for the following day, checking in with family, and catching up on emails and work.” Some of her goals in the next 3 years are: “I would love to travel more, start a nonprofit that places animals in safe homes, collaborate with more artists, and take my music on tour.”
Her legacy and vision she has is wanting people to see past her looks and know that she was smart about setting herself up for success, as well as those around her. Being known as someone who followed her dreams, impacted millions with her music, and inspired others around the world to reach their goals and dreams is an important aspect. “I’d also like to be remembered as a fearless woman who is unapologetically herself — someone who took risks and never settled or backed down from challenges. If I can follow my dreams, so can you.” Connect with Laci Kay Somers on Instagram and YouTube, or visit her website.