Leslie Klatt is the go-to business launch strategist that coaches, service providers and online business owners have been waiting for, if you haven’t already worked with her for your product, service, or online business success. With a proven track record, Leslie is amongst the Top 1% of business strategists in North America.

Unlike other marketing strategists who urge their clients to lean into a hamster wheel of frenzied activity, constantly launching products and services or running time consuming free challenges every few months, Leslie’s One Launch Method is a breath of fresh air.

The One Launch Method stems from her solid background in corporate business, where organisations play for longevity and sustainability, building brand credibility and a high profile as the ‘go to’ market and project management leaders.

Leslie’s taken the boom and bust mentality off the table and shows her clients how to pull off one, slick, highly successful launch for their product, service or program that will generate their annual income goal and set them free from the hustle mentality that’s all too prevalent online.

Leslie believes that business owners shouldn’t have to waste time constantly reinventing themselves to market to the same, tired audience and she designed the One Launch Method to allow her clients to grow their audience, build relationships and show up for the front end of their business without having to lose the balance in their lives.

As a busy Mom of two under six she’s always been determined to avoid the risk of overwhelm in her own business. She champions strategies for planning and organisation that take the guesswork out of launching and keep success within reach.

In her book, titled ‘One Launch Method’, which will be available in April, she explains the 4 pillars of a successful launch, through creation of your offer, building real desire in your ideal audience, and the strategy to get you through the launch without missing a step and guaranteeing your success, no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey.