Our audience loves to read stories of powerful people creating a positive change in the world. Tell us about yourself and all the amazing work you do.

Hello world my name is Lynn Spirit and I’m a social media influencer! I love to bring a positive spirit to all my audience and fans! That’s why I chose the name Lynn Spirit! I love to put a smile on people’s faces! I have helped some business get their business out with doing “Money Monday’s”. It was a live segment where I would pick small businesses to promote their business for free and send me their products to try! I loved seeing people achieve their goals and dreams!

As a social media influencer, what sort of content do you usually create? 

I try to create all types of content! Some of the content would be beauty, business, entertainment, and inspiring content! My social media has a wide range of content, one day you may see a video tutorial on how I do my hair and the next day I might be dressing up and performing for my audience! You never know what you are going to get!

In 2020, people have moved towards choosing social media as a career option, more than ever. During this time of the pandemic when there is cut-throat competition in the market, how do you plan to keep your content different from the others?

I plan to just stay true to myself! I think me being me sticks out more! I have a wide range of content so my audience can never get bored! You can come to my page and get uplifted, inspired, organic content, and beauty tips and tricks all in one! My spirit alone sticks out like a sore thumb!

You have remained an advocate for teenagers and young adults who suffer from bullying. What major works have you done as an activist and a public speaker?

 I have personally talked to people who have been bullied and who suffer depression or anything I can do to help them out! I have talked about bullying first hand at some speaking engagements I was booked for! I just try to speak positive life into anyone who is having a hard time in life!

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, you days must be very focused on different tasks. What does your everyday schedule look like?

My everyday schedule looks a little different now since we are on quarantine! Before this I would be traveling to different cities for bookings I would get! Right now I try to make more YouTube videos and I also have been exercising more to keep my body and my mind in healthy shape! I also meet with my team to go over upcoming projects!

What upcoming projects are you working on?

 The bonnet line is an upcoming project I am working on right now! I’m also trying to do more YouTube videos to give my fans more of an inside scoop on who Lynn Spirit really is!

What strong piece of advice would you give to someone who is on his journey to becoming an influencer?

Stay focused, stay organic, stay consistent, and stay in the game. You can never lose if you stay in the game and bring all you have!

Connect with Lynn Spirit via social media handles given below:

Instagram: lynnspirit

Facebook: lynnspirit

YouTube: lynnspirit