Richmond, VA / February: The remarkable power of social media to influence consumer behavior has been changing the way marketers and business owners promote products and services over the past couple of years. Thus, when marketing, it’s important to be well-versed in utilizing Facebook and Instagram ads properly so that it leads to profitability. Both social media giants have been proven and tested to result in massive brand awareness, an increase in sales, and effectively generating new customers and sales when done properly.

Five years ago, marketing expert, Christina McMasters, co-founded her marketing agency where she mastered how to place fully maximized ads in both social media platforms to help her clients generate new business and increased sales, and she’s now teaching business owners how to do it for themselves. Her skills have resulted in generating over seven-figures for her clients, proving that social media ads are a predictable science that can be duplicated and is not a gamble as many see social media ads.

For Christina McMasters, having a good marketing plan spells the distinct difference between a good product or service and an exceptionally desirable and successful brand. A product is only as good as its marketing campaign shapes it to be. Without a good marketing plan, any good product can easily get lost in the sea of competing brands.

Christina’s techniques are mixed with timeless marketing principles and the best practices she’s gathered through managing $100,000s of advertising spend over the past few years. For any business owners that intend to generate leads, make sales, and fill up the consumer pipeline, Christina believes it should start by simply creating a demand within the target audience, allowing strangers on the internet to become familiar with the product and have that know, like, trust process take place.

Using Facebook and Instagram ads can effectively increase influence and awareness, thereby resulting in a demand for the product, often immediately. When done cautiously and strategically, these two powerful social media platforms can lead to exponential growth in any business. In just the past year, Christina has helped more than 300 companies scale their business through learning her social media marketing strategies. 

When using Facebook and Instagram to grow and promote a brand, Christina believes in three important elements: specificity when targeting consumers, establishing a sales funnel, and doing follow-ups to potential clients. Combining these three elements proved to be highly effective in her marketing approach, and her clients are reaping the benefits.

Mostly, her clients have made their side hustle their full-time business, scaled their business to new revenue heights, upgraded to new cars and houses, consistently grew by five-figures per month, enjoyed the freedom to live their lives on their own terms, and lived out their dreams of having a successful business. All of which are a result of having a process that drives consistent leads, clients and sales, which Christina teaches business owners how to achieve.

Clients are especially drawn to Christina’s accommodating and kind nature. The way she treats her clients ensures that they keep coming back, knowing that they are in good hands. “I treat all of my clients as if they were a family member,” Christina explains. “My family has a small business, and I treat business owners with the care and passion as if I were helping my own family, which translates to a tight family vibe community,” she adds. 

How Christina transformed herself from an 18-year-old college dropout to an owner of a thriving marketing agency and now coaching business is something that she enjoys sharing with others. When she left school, she knew that although she was in unfamiliar territory, she was stepping more into the lifestyle she wanted. In the end, it was her determination to constantly learn and test the waters that made her quite the marketing expert that she is today.