Studies and research on topics related to sex are always super interesting BUT the most recent one will boggle your mind. Did you know that a staggering 7.4 million Brits have been found to have masturbated while at work? Yes, according to a recent study. You'd think that working from home has made you lazier BUT apart from changing lives and having several benefits, like sleeping in, and not having to commute. Reportedly WFH has made more self-pleasure aka masturbation for Brits. In a survey by Chemist4U, which polled 2,000 people, 14% of respondents acknowledged engaging in some form of self-gratification at work. Can Too Much Masturbation Make You Impotent? Facts About Self-Sexual Stimulation That Will Surprise You!

The survey found that 7% of women had indulged in some alone time, compared to 22% of men who had masturbated at work. Additionally, 18% of those who responded to the study admitted to accessing XXX porn while at work. With 16% of respondents confessing to doing so, London is the city where people masturbate most frequently. The survey also revealed that the most likely to masturbate were Brits earning between £35,001 (INR 32,16,330) and £45,000 (INR 41,35,163).

People who made between £15,0001 and £25,000 a year were 18% more likely to practise some form of self-love than those who made between £25,0001 and £35,000. The greatest age group, 25 to 34, supplied 27% of the total, followed by 35 to 44, who gave 18%, and 45 to 54, who contributed 15%. Researchers claim that masturbating at work increases productivity. In terms of your physical and emotional well-being, masturbation might be beneficial. Additionally, there is virtually little risk of getting pregnant or contracting an STD, making it the safest kind of sex available.

Your body releases endorphins during an orgasm, which are substances that reduce pain and improve mood. Having sex or masturbating doesn't affect how nice you feel during an orgasm. Some people masturbate frequently—daily, if not several times. Some people masturbate sometimes, once every few weeks, or perhaps once a week or so. Masturbation only becomes "too much" if it interferes with your social life, employment, or obligations. If you find it to be an issue, you might wish to speak with a therapist or counsellor.

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