Lowina Blackman (@LowinaBlackman) is an award-winning money mindset coach who helps small business owners clear their money blocks and create a strategic plan to achieve financial independence.

She incorporates various healing rituals that target people’s spiritual energy to her investment coaching, resulting in a financially stable client and a mentally sound individual. Lowina is on a mission to help as many people as possible to achieve their dreams of financial stability and help them develop mindfulness meditation, improving their wellbeing.

She has helped hundreds of people through her Money Mindset programs, exclusive coaching, and seminars and workshops, which enabled them to re-align their purpose in life and achieve their dreams. With Lowina’s more than a decade of experience in the investment industry and a certified expert in the financial field, she is indeed a force to be reckoned with. It only adds to her innate ability to help people identify their limitations and guide them to achieve their life-long goals, and teach them how to channel their energy into more productive aspects of their lives.

Her drive to help people comes from her own experiences in life. She can relate to her clients’ struggles since she had her fair share of life adversaries herself. Lowina was born and raised in Hongkong. Her father worked very hard to send her to college. With a determined heart, she got her degree in fashion design at the prestigious University of Central England. For two decades, she weaved herself to become the best in the highly competitive fashion industry. But she ended up unhappy with her chosen profession; when this realization hit, she fully committed herself to clearing her limitations and making her own path to financial independence and a healthy mental being. Upon overcoming her own challenges, an idea formed in her mind that she can help many people who went through the same.

Lowina had built her coaching practice with that in mind, and as a result, she had helped hundreds of people for many years. Moreover, backed with a proven investment strategy, she became a millionaire within just five years of hard work and perseverance. Still, it is important to note that she achieved this incredible feat by doing something she is genuinely passionate about - helping others.