He is a 16-year-old talent who has proved his mettle as one of the youngest actors, filmmakers and directors.

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we realize how different industries and fields have been rocked by different talented beings that constantly work towards reaching excellence and honing their skills in whatever they choose to do in life. These individuals, especially youngsters who make it huge in their chosen industries, are those that exude high levels of passion, zealousness and tenacity, and these qualities ultimately help them achieve their desired success.

To step foot into the entertainment niche, especially in America, has never been a walk in the park, but a few tremendously talented beings have astounded the world with what they have to offer. Kabir McNeely serves as the classic most example of one such young talent who has proved his mettle as an American actor, filmmaker and director.

Originally, Kabir Dhillon McNeely, he was born in 2005 in St. Louis, Missouri. From the very beginning, if anything that attracted little Kabir the most, it was all things creative and artistic. This very innate skill and a natural talent that he saw himself drew him gradually into the vast entertainment industry, making him the refined actor, filmmaker and director he is today, standing tall amongst many other established names at only 16 years of age.

After getting his first acting job in a supporting role in 2015 for the student short film Ruth (2016), Kabir McNeely realized what he wanted to do all his life and since then has always made sure to give his best with every role he chooses to do. The youngster has been trained extensively with taking supporting and leading characters with the American Conservatory Theatre, where he has learned many things about the acting and performing genre and even sharpened his skills in filmmaking.

His most notable performances were in Urinetown: The Musical (2018) and their annual production of A Christmas Carol in 2016. Kabir McNeely has proved his prowess as an award-winning actor who also runs his own podcast named The Kabir McNeely Show, giving a platform to actors to share their stories with others. He has been lauded for his leading role in the film 'Keith' and supporting role in 'Pink Purple and Blue'. He was also named an Official Selection at the Indie Short Fest film festival for the best supporting actor for 'Pink Purple and Blue'.

Last year, he wrote and directed the film 'Blue Girl', an award-winning short film, in which he also featured. Kabir McNeely looks unstoppable in his quest to make it huge in the world of films and entertainment and want to inspire many other aspiring actors with his work.