The novel coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of obstacles on the Earth. The situation got so bad that the world has adopted a lockdown. In India, the Modi-led government which imposed a 21-day lockdown from March 25 has now extended till May 3. Many businesses have severely been impacted; however, some corporates are working from home. While working from home might sound all comfy, but it has its own challenge. Being at home gives a person all the freedom in terms of eating. One might get addicted to open the refrigerator and start eating frequently. In simple words, as soon as boredom strikes, many people have formed the habit of eating.

In such a scenario, many people who earlier changed their lifestyle from unhealthy eating to healthy eating have fallen one step back. Sweets, biscuits, junk food like chips, fries, pizzas, muffins among other items might look tempting, but they are not beneficial for the long run. It is important to reward yourself once in a while but when eating is your primary emotional coping mechanism and your first impulse is to open the refrigerator or reach for junk whenever you are stressed, exhausted or bored, you get stuck to an unhealthy cycle and the real feeling or problem is never addressed.

Fitness counsellor and sports nutritionist Natasha Kanade who has transformed many lives with her fitness centre ‘Transform With Natasha’ states that following an unhealthy cycle is not the solution to the problem. According to the nutrition expert, working from home does not mean you derail your diet patterns. Natasha reveals the 10 ways to stop eating unhealthy food in this phase of lockdown.

1) Plan your meal timings so you do not end up snacking in between your meals frequently.

2) Remember you are just bored and stressed. You are not hungry. So keep the long-term health goals always in your mind.

3) Cook your own meals. When you put your efforts and interest in it, your mind doesn’t drift to unhealthy snacking.

4) If you feel hungry very often, replace junk food with fruits, vegetables, nuts, makhanas, millet, yoghurt and other healthy snacks. Always remember to avoid binge eating of junk food.

5) It is very simple. You attract what you see. So, keep all your junk food away. Out of sight and out of mind.

6) Maintain a food diary as many of clients do it. It helps you keep a track of your eating patterns and understand the hour when you get the hunger pangs so you are prepared for it next time.

7) Drink lots of water throughout the day and limit caffeinated beverages.

8) Look for healthy and tasty recipes to ensure you are motivated and happy with what you are eating.

9) Separate hunger cues from emotional cues. Sometimes emotional eating is misunderstood with hunger.

10) Start exercising or doing some kind of physical activity while you get free from your working hours at home. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins that trigger a positive and a happy feeling.

Well, the 10 ways mentioned above by Natasha Kanade looks bang on. If you are someone who is stressed by working at home and has developed unhealthy eating patterns, you must follow these 10 pro-tips and live a healthy lifestyle.