Fort Lauderdale, FL / February 2021: PRAG Realtors dominates the real estate market in Florida with out-of-the-box solutions and socially responsible programs. The firm creates enriching experiences for clients, realtors, and partners.

The COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted the real estate market. Instructions from the government for people to stay at home led to fewer buyers searching for new homes in person. Similarly, home sellers became hesitant about listing their properties and allowing strangers to walk inside their houses for house tours. The global health crisis shifted everything in the market, and most brokerage companies struggled to adapt.

However, whereas most real estate builders were postponing appointments indefinitely, PRAG Realtors (Prime Realty Advisory Group) continued to sell out properties in record time. The boutique real estate brokerage company prides itself on its highly experienced team of realtors who think outside the box in approaching concerns. To adapt to the new normal, PRAG Realtors quickly switched to virtual tours, online open houses, and other novel solutions.

Established in 2003, PRAG Realtors has spent the last 18 years establishing itself as the premier specialist in residential and corporate real estate. Company founder Dawn Williams-Bobo created PRAG Realtors to train and mentor agents who would contribute to a client-centric culture. Williams-Bobo’s singular focus on satisfying her customers’ real estate needs enabled PRAG Realtors to pivot in the right direction during an unprecedented time of disruption.

In addition to traditional activities like listing and sales, PRAG Realtors also assists corporate entities and developers in their needs. The company also promotes and practices social responsibility, with the team dedicating their time to community education. A great example of PRAG Realtors’ socially responsible approach is its program for first-time homebuyers. This program was organized through various nonprofit organizations such as the Urban League of Broward County. Clearly, PRAG Realtors is committed to creating positive and lasting experiences for clients, realtors, and partners that extend beyond each transaction’s closing.

As a full-service firm, PRAG Realtors offers immediate solutions for developers and builders. The company takes charge of every step in the process – from marketing, buyer pre-approval, staffing the sales center, contracts, to closing.  Developers and builders are not the only ones who prefer PRAG Realtors’ services. The PRAG Realtors team also reviews real estate contracts with homebuyers thoroughly. To top it all off, the firm even works well with lenders to help qualify clients become homeowners.

Communication lies at the heart of PRAG Realtors’ industry-leading services. Company founder Williams-Bobo believes that effective communication is vital. Guided by her philosophy and example, the firm keeps everyone involved in the real estate transactions as well-informed as possible.

Among many of PRAG Realtors’ achievements, several collaborations deserve to be highlighted. The City of Tamarac has contracted PRAG Realtors, spending $5.5 million of their federal funds in real estate acquisitions through the firm. In addition, the city of Hallandale Beach has contracted PRAG Realtors for its CRA zone. Lastly, the company’s most outstanding achievement is its exclusive agreement with Urban Pointe Developers for The Crossings of North Lauderdale, where PRAG Realtors have sold out 46 townhomes.

PRAG Realtors continues to expand its operations to serve other Florida counties better. For more information, you may visit their website.

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Phone number: (954) 580.0447