Prominent Digital Marketer of Middle East : Amir Tashakor
Amir Tashakor (Photo Credits: File Image)

Amir Tashakor is one of the most prominent digital marketing consultants in Iran and limelight’s as a lifestyle influencer to his followers across social media. He was born and brought up in Iran on the Fourth of July 1983. He is a graduate in the field of information technology and communication, Amir founded the ‘Media Hash-tag’ program where he collaborated with a hundred celebrities to promote content production as a medium of digital marketing.

Amir now has over a million followers on Instagram and has a very engaging audience to whom he often treats with his seminars and videos on digital marketing and content production. Amir often goes for various seminars as the guest speaker and in 2018, his company was one of the highest-ranking startups in Iran.

Amir Tashakor now spreads his knowledge and skills to his followers all across the world with the intention of making the world a smarter place. The young sensation has been a part of many art shows and dramas since 2011 as assistant director and drama producer.

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