If you are living in a metropolitan city like Delhi and your go-to places on weekends are pubs, malls, or a restaurant, then believe me you really need a break. You are basically living a mundane life where even your getaway place includes loud people walking or sitting around you and the problem is that you are getting totally habitual to it. What you really need to recharge yourself is some memorable moments, where you and your loved ones can sit and feel the moist grass or just do some adventure activity or enjoy the old-style picnic. And surprisingly we know the best winter picnic spot around Delhi NCR and that too is just an hour drive from Delhi.

We are talking about a place which is equally suitable for everyone irrespective of you going with your parents, with kids or even going with your partner, this place has something for everyone. The place which we are talking about is ‘Rangmanch Farms’, a retreat in Gurugram which can be the answer to all your weekend problems.

Rangmanch Farm

Located at a distance of 15 Km from Hero Honda Chowk, Rangmanch Farm is one of the most photogenic places. Built in 13 acres of farmland away from the rush of city life, this place is surely the best winter picnic spot around Delhi NCR.

Rangmanch Farm not only has numerous outdoor and indoor activities, but it also has an ambiance that completely sets the mood. Imagine yourself, sitting on the grass with your family & friends on a beautiful weekend afternoon, under the sun with soothing music in the background, doesn’t it feel so serene. I know you must be imagining it right now but why to settle with it, when you can actually experience the real deal at Rangmanch Farms.

This is not the only reason for us to call it, the best winter picnic spot around Delhi NCR. There are a lot of reasons, like the buffet which has something for everyone. What all you need to have a great weekend - family time, great place, nice music but the most important thing is the food.

You believe it or not, finger-licking food can actually make even the worst of days into a good one and when you are planning a weekend, you must always consider food because in the end, everyone craves for some mouth-watering delicacies. And Rangmanch Farm has this aspect covered as well.

What if I tell you, that you can have rural food, North Indian food or, even western food while sitting under the sky or around a bonfire in night, doesn’t it sounds quite amazing. But we don’t want you to completely believe us, when you can simply plan a weekend at the best winter picnic spot around Delhi NCR and can experience it yourselves.

It’s so simple to plan an amazing weekend for your friends and family at one of the best retreats around Delhi NCR, you just need to go either on their website or on their social media handles like Instagram.

Just a click away from being at the best winter picnic spot around Delhi NCR and making your weekend into a memorable one.