A user on Quora raised one of the most common questions about pregnancy asking its readers if it is actually possible to get pregnant at 50. Now, unless you are Sarah and Abraham from The Bible, who conceived when they were over 90 years old, physically, in today’s times, it just isn’t possible. The reason is menopause. A lot of women might sometimes still wonder if they could miraculously get pregnant at the age of 50. While the chances are almost negligible, even if you do get pregnant, you ought to seek prenatal care.

According to Calculators Live, the chances of a 50-year-old woman getting pregnant are only 5 per cent. However, if you ever do fall under that category, there are a list of precautions you’d have to take to ensure you have a safe and sound delivery. If a woman gets pregnant at 50 naturally, there are several risks that come along with it. Following the gynaecologist’s recommendations, who would obviously advise you bed rest first, you’d have to take the following precautions.

No Stress

Avoid any kind of stress. At 50, your mind and body are comparatively weaker than when you were 30 years old. Stress can kinda get onto you very easily and it may indeed affect you adversely. So try to think and be positive all the time.

Complications in Pregnancy

Reports online suggest that after the age of 48, pregnancy can be extremely dangerous for the child. Reportedly, your child may be born with complications if you conceive after 48.


At 50, your body is practically at the stage where it has completely stopped reproducing. It is likely that it may not be able to adapt to this change. Miscarriages are common for women of any age, however, one has to be extra cautious when they are pregnant at 50. You ought to be prepared for everything.

If you still wish to get pregnant at 50, the safest way to go for is IVF or getting donor eggs. This option comes with fewer risks.

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