This question is quite likely to have crossed every man’s mind at least once – What penis size do women actually prefer? While growing up, most men and women come to believe that the more enormous the penis, the greater the sex is. Watching porn has convinced most people that a big, giant penis is needed to satisfy a woman in bed. A user on Quora also raised a similar query asking people about what they feel about the penis sizes that women prefer. To begin with, the sexual desires of each individual are different – whether be it a man or a woman. Although the ultimate goal is to reach climax and feel sexual pleasure, women may not always necessarily need a bigger penis to satisfy them.

Penetration with a ‘normal’ sized penis can also satisfy a woman in bed given that you know the art of seduction. What leads to good sex is a great foreplay and nothing can beat that, at all! Irrespective of whether you have an ‘average-sized’ penis or not, you ought to make her insatiably wet before you go on to penetrate. And if you perform well enough, she will give herself over to you, knowing that you’re gonna give her the best orgasm of her life.

However, there is no denying that there have also been cases where men have had a smaller penis and that has proved to be a massive obstruction in their sex life. When the penetration isn’t done right, your partner is likely to feel sexually unsatisfied. This can be frustrating if it keeps occurring over and over again. To deal with this, you can try clitoral stimulation to turn her on and give her a great orgasm.

To be honest, there’s no ideal penis size and there never will be one because everyone is designed differently. It is important to accept our body and love ourselves the way we are.

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