There is nothing better than a little bit of self-love and you know that. An empty house, lazy day, means it is a good day to masturbate for sure ( at least for singles *Hi-Fives*). And during this period of social distancing and quarantine, there is nothing better than som self sexual stimulation. However, one of the most asked questions is what are the most common fantasies people masturbate to. Most of the times it is people thinking of their favourite sexual moment with their partners, but that is not how it works for everyone. Right from some really crazy fantasies to some super hot and emotional ones, here are some of the most common things people think of while masturbating. This Bizarre Sexual Fantasy is Preferred by Most Americans, Reveals Recent Survey. 

Their Ex

Most people think of their ex while masturbating. They might not admit to it but there are chances that despite being in a relationship they might be thinking of their past partners while having sex.

Outdoor Sex

This is not possible for everyone, in reality, people often fantasies of it while masturbating. Durex Launches #MainAurMeriFantasy: Sexpert Dr Mahinder Watsa to Answer Sex Queries on Twitter!


Another thing that not many people are okay with, in the real-life but will happily fantasize of when they are masturbating. Do You Fantasise During Sex? 4 Things About Having Dirty Thoughts That You Should Know.


There are some people who get turned on by tears of other people crying.  It can be dominance or just drenched eyelids. This is a weird turn-on for many people.  Sexual Fetishes: What Is Dacryphilia? Know More About The Kink That Turns Some People On By Crying!

People They Have Never Met

Some people randomly fantasies of people they have never met. Yes, it could be a face that they may have seen and it stayed with them or just anyone out of nowhere. Sex Tip of the Week: How to Talk Dirty To Each Other – The Dos and Don’ts

Other Couples Having Sex

Some people fantasize other people having sex, and it could be any couple. And they necessarily may not think of them any other time. From Mucous to Insects, 7 Bizzare Types of Sexual Fetishes That Exist in the World!

Them Being Submissive

There are often times when the most dominant people fantasize of being submissive and getting disciplined in the most bizarre ways.

Fantasies can range from romantic to borderline bizarre. But whatever they are, as long as they are in your head or in they ever get real they are practised with consent you are good to go. Also, your fantasies can make a great dirty talking subject with your partner! You can try it out tonight!

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