To make the first sex experience better and pain-free for you and your partner, there are a few things you want to consider. Having sex for the first time is an important moment for most of us - it can open you up to a whole new world, bring you closer to your partner and give you a deeper understanding of your body. However, this is not something to go into lightly. To make this experience better and pain-free for you and your partner, there are some things you want to consider.

Talk about it

Whether it is with an older sibling, friend or doctor - talk to someone mature and experienced about your decision. Sure, you can feel it in your head at the moment but discussing it out loud can help process the decision on a deeper level. This may scare you a little, and even raise some questions that you have not thought about yet. This is fine, it means that you will be ready once more after finding solutions and overcoming obstacles.

Be prepared

If someone has told you that you do not need any kind of preparation to have sex for the first time and everything will happen on its own when the time comes, it is a wrong assumption. We can all do this with a little preparation so that we do not stay away from any situation. Read and get information about sex, methods of protection while having sex, diseases related to sex, sex organs and every sex zone of the body. After that, see that you may have the necessary things like sex, condoms or any greasy substance (jelly). You can take them from any drugstore. If you are hesitant or have any other problem, then you can order online and if you are nervous, seek the help of a friend or close friend.


The most important thing about having sex is that it is very important to know whether there is consent for the first time, the last time or any time in between. It should be done by words i.e. verbally and with enthusiasm. There will be some people who try to underestimate it or make fun of it. If you ever feel insecure while having sex, think twice about your decision. Neither means nor if the partner is asking you to stop, then it is your duty to stop and show respect for him.


You may think that you will be with your partner all your life or you know that it will be a one-time thing to have sex with them. When it comes to your physical and mental health, however, knowing that you can trust this person can make this experience a lot better and safer for you. You should ask your partner the same things. Even if you tell them this is your first time - it can help them to be more careful and not be shocked (which may or may not happen) in any way. Can). Talk to them about what their expectations are, as well as keep yourself ahead.


You can be nervous and just want to get along for the first time, but take your time with foreplay. By which the vagina naturally lubricates itself. If there is enough lubrication then your first time will be very smooth. If you do not use any greasy substance, you may experience discomfort and pain and this wear may cause small cuts in the vagina or penis. read more - quickly increase penis size


It is possible that you try some sexy or seducing positions and tricks to have sex with your partner and by doing so you want to impress him and if you are extremely flexible and fit, they can come easily to you. . But you don't know how the partner feels until you try something different. It may also happen that your partner's mood worsens, so do not try anything different when having sex for the first time. Having sex for the first time is never good, but it can give you climax by going to its peak.


Pre-cutting your nails is a good thing. Wash your hands thoroughly before starting sex. Whenever having sex, use a new condom, whether or not your sperm comes out. Females are likely to develop infections in the path of pus and to reduce this, urine should be urged before and immediately after sex. Cuddling can be stopped for one minute. Men should have sex 15 minutes after urinating. Once clean any body fluid with a wet towel or tissue paper.

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