Dark clouds are looming over all over us as Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in the world. In tough times like this, it is quite likely that you might not be able to stay in touch with people you’re close to. A user on Reddit wants to know how important it is communicating with your date during the quarantine. She and a guy decided to go on their first date a month ago but the pandemic happened and ever since then, the world has come to a standstill. Now, they do text often and have video calls once in a while too, but she isn’t sure if he is interested in keeping the conversation going. Also, he rarely initiates a conversation despite being home all the time. What should she do? Here Are Smart Ways to Not Get Friend-Zoned by the Love of Your Life.

Although quarantine is most about self-isolation and staying at home, it is very difficult to maintain contact with everyone. Everyone is literally under house arrest and seeing the news about what’s happening around, it is a tad bit difficult to socialize and be yourself. Given that you guys have been texting each other often, it is understood that he is equally interested in talking to you. Was it the other way round, he could have easily stopped replying to texts and ignored your calls because he hasn’t even met you as of yet.

Secondly, you worry about always being the first one to text is somewhat legit. It is likely that among the two of you, you are the one to hit him up frequently. Although we aren’t saying that he isn’t interested but he ought to put in equal effort too, you know? To balance that out, wait for him to reach out to you this time. If he does come around, you guys could have another meaningful conversation and if he doesn’t, you know shouldn’t too.

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