Sex during pregnancy is often a highly debated subject especially in terms of its safety. However, the and is that it is safe if done carefully. Experts believe that from the sixth week to the twelfth week of pregnancy, sex should be avoided because there is a possibility of miscarriage during this time. Not just this, the last two months of pregnancy, can also be dangerous for sex. There are many types of changes that happen in the body during pregnancy. Both Hormonal and physical changes occur during this time. Some women enjoy sex more during pregnancy. This is because of increased blood flow to the genitals. Also, the breasts become more sensitive during pregnancy. Overall, it is safe to have sex during pregnancy, but some precautions must be taken. Sex Query of the Week: Is Sex During Pregnancy Safe? Can Sperm Inside a Pregnant Woman Cause Miscarriage? Everything You Want to Know.

Sex is safe at any level of pregnancy and it will not harm the baby in the womb. Women are afraid of miscarriage or pain, but nothing happens unless there are other complications involve and if the couple is not careful enough.

  • One of the advantages of sex during pregnancy is that the muscles tend to become stronger for delivery.
  • The fetus is not harmed during sex. A circle of amniotic fluid around the baby keeps it safe. It is wrapped with an amniotic sac in the uterus.
  • Please do not forget to take precautions during sex because it is a critical time and you do not want STD i.e. Sexually Transmitted Disease (diseases caused by sex) during this time. Use condoms and take special care of the cleanliness of the organs.
  • Keep in mind to opt for safe sex positions. Choose a position where not much pressure is placed on the womb. Make sure that the woman is lying on her back during sex.

Sex During Pregnancy (Watch Video): 

  • Oral sex is safe during pregnancy, but keep in mind that the partner does not inject air into the vagina. This can cause air bubbles in the vagina may not be good for the baby.
  • If there is vaginal bleeding, do not have sex at all. This can increase complexity. Visit your doctor immediately.

If the woman has had a miscarriage before then one must not have sex during pregnancy without the advice of the doctor. If you have any kind of fear in your mind, then you should keep your doctor in the loop all the time.

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