There have always been mixed opinions about how much of an impact sex positions make if you want to get pregnant faster. While some people may not agree that sex positions have an important role to play in pregnancy, some believe that it works. Either way, it is always great to make your sex positions convenient for the sperm to reach the egg. It is said that the right sex position increases the chances of getting pregnant. Let's take a look at some of the most liked sex position for getting pregnant faster:

Missionary: This is the most common position, but the benefits are many. In this position, the woman lies down and the man is on her. In this stage, the sperm gets easy access to the uterus. Both men and women get full enjoyment of sexual intercourse. In this state, the woman gets closer to the man in contact. Sex For Pregnancy: Best Time & Frequency of Sexual Intercourse To Help You Conceive Faster. 

The Triangle: This pose is a branch of the missionary pose. In this position too, the woman is lying down and the man is on her, but the only difference is that the man spreads his legs. The woman's ax comes closer, to keep sex easy, you can put a pillow under the ax. In this state, the woman can bring the man even closer, so that the penis can go well near the uterus. In this state, the man is not able to move much, which makes the work of conception easy.

The Anvil: It is also like a missionary, in this stage the penis reaches the uterus well. In this state, the man is on top of the woman and the woman lifts her feet above the head of the man, so that the man is able to get the penis well into the vagina.

Doggy Style: Most of the men like this position. This stage is also beneficial for conception. This style increases the penetration ratio of the penis compared to other styles.

Spooning Sex Position: You can also use this action to have sex.

This is the most important fact of conceiving. Do not do anything so that the woman's body gets tense before establishing a love relationship. This makes vaginas hard and both do not enjoy full enjoyment of sex. When a woman is under stress while having sex, a type of enzyme and hormone is produced from her body which reduces the chances of conceiving by 12%. Deep breathing yoga should be practised to get out of this situation. Or try to prepare the woman's body and mind for sex with her loving touch.

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