We are living in a world of Gadgets and Technology. Every new technology and Gadgets is helping humanity, and it's making our work more comfortable. It is helping many in Businesses too.

IT in India is on a rising period. Many useful talents today are coming out from various parts of India, making it bigger with their small to mid-cap companies. Google to other top companies heads is Indian, which shows India is not behind when it comes to IT. So no one can deny the fact that Indian can make it big in IT.

We came across one brilliant IT geek or said Entrepreneur who believes in making companies and people look fantastic online by giving them dynamic websites. We are talking about growing Entrepreneur of IT Ayyappan Sreekumar; better known as IT expert and web development expert of India.

Ayyappan Sreekumar's Journey started in 2012. His passion for IT helped him to grow as the best web developer in his early days. After some time, he started Blogging, and now his B4blaze was a famous blog place online.

His hunger for learning new things helped him become a more sound like an expert and renowned IT Entrepreneur. He uses all the latest techniques to develop top Websites which are of futuristic concepts. He started creating websites for shops and organizations and got good reviews.

Within a few years, he became a big name in his area. Being a founder and director of B4Creation ltd, he started to grow as an IT Entrepreneur in South India. Started with three in 2015 now more than 40 IT experts are working in his company.

The journey was not easy for him; he has seen the worst time with no work. But as we say when you are passionate about things you love. You give your best in learning new things. He did the same soon his work started to grow, and he came up with new venture Blessy's official media management Partner.

With his IT company, he also helps famous personalities. Many call him the best online media manager of South India. He has handled the work of many eminent personalities of Movies, serials and all.

Ayyapan is also the most significant contributor to famous IMDb; he gives online database information related to films, television Programmes.

Ayyapan and his company is a team of experts who are now specialists of creating news websites, domain sales, web hosting (B4 Hosting), Social media Management (B4creations) and their own advertisement network (Adblaze) in association with Google.

Ayyappan is known for giving excellent online work to his clients at the best price. Here's wishing Ayyappan Sreekumar all the best for his future venture. We hope his passion for IT takes him to a new level in India and abroad.