When usual is too boring and at times feels like a crime, it is time to break free and experiment.

The most common experiment that people start with is coloring their hair. But for some of us, that’s not enough. Some go for a permanent body tattoo.

Tattoos are not new, they have been part of civilizations since ancient times. They have been fairly popular in the past, but looking at the latest trends it is clear that millions of young people are opting for permanent body tattoos. There has been a notable swell in the numbers and all credit goes to millennials. You need to visit a place that follows stringent health regulations and inspections. B21 Salon is known for its tattoo services. The designs and techniques of tattoos are constantly affected by what seems popular online. A celeb on Instagram, a YouTuber, or a trend that is going viral, one can have almost anything inked on their skin. A lot of care is required while you are getting a tattoo, hygiene being the topmost point on the checklist. One would be losing blood and may experience skin irritation for some time, so consulting with a physician is advisable.

Satish Kumar Patra of B21 Salon feels the business he is in, is of style and believes that one has to be in love with making things look beautiful, attractive to thrive in this line of work. Tattooing can be a great style statement and the easiest way to change your people’s perception of you.

If tattooing is too much of a commitment then one can look at trying some nail art. Pedicure just won’t be enough. Consider getting a subtle or a crazy nail art is done by a professional nail art expert. Style them with rainbows, glitters, unicorns, and more. Too much? You might opt into getting gold and natural nail design. This is an amazing way to indulge in the nail art trend, without being overly extravagant. If one is in the mood of going a little overboard, then they may add up some modern art into their nail designs. This will need the skills and steady hands of an experienced manicurist. Try a different style each time you visit the salon. Also, give a shot to piercing. While people have their own beliefs and reasons for piercing, one cannot ignore the style quotient it adds to the personality. Again, consider taking your physician's advice and make sure the needles being used are properly sterilized.