Social Media Influencer Julia Aka ‘JuliahOfficial’ Talks About Her Blog, Travelling the World and Much More
JuliahOfficial (Photo Credits: File Image)

‘Julia Around the Globe’ who goes by the name ‘juliahofficial’ on Instagram is a travel/fashion blogger based in the UAE who enjoys a great following around the Middle East. Till now, she has travelled to several countries and has reviewed numerous hotels, resorts and restaurants around the world. She is widely recognised for her unique style in covering places and showcasing the luxury of every hotel she stays in. Her major interest in her area of work has been fashion, luxury lifestyle, and hotels and restaurant reviews.

Hailing from the media background, Julia is a journalism student and has been on a global journey. Her Instagram page is all about exotic places of the world and her travel experiences. What started as an experiment in social media, became an integral part of her life. Gradually, she started giving more of her time on social media, which helped her garner a lot of followers. Since then, she decided to revamp her page and make it a blog by showcasing experiences of her trips which are unique from other blogs.

After that, there has been no looking back for Julia and she has visited and reviewed top hotels, restaurants and resorts of the world in the countries like UAE, Maldives, Nigeria, Thailand, Italy, Turkey and many more. Moreover, she recently launched a new section on her blog, which throws light on fashion and promotes fashion products of the online store Bend The Trend. “There’s nothing more happening in life than working while travelling. I am really glad to be a blogger and inspiring people’s lives with my work. With fashion being the latest addition to my blog, I have some major plans for the future”, said the influencer. We really wish lots of luck to Julia and hope she sets a new benchmark with her work in the coming time.

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