Makeup artists’ industry has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. It continues to be on an upward trajectory. Makeup Diaries is one such innovative notion curated by Sunny Sabharwal aka Sunny Pulse who is the founder of Makeup Diaries which is a professional makeup artist service provider. One can avail services of their empanelled as well as Celebrity Makeup Artists. Besides Makeup Artists, they also deal in the area of wedding styling.

On asking Mr. Sunny Sabharwal (Sunny Pulse) about how his interest exposed in this industry, ‘Having been in the wedding industry for a decade now, I can say with experience, mostly every woman fantasize about her wedding day & one of the most important thing for them is their makeup artist & outfit. A wedding planner is supposed to look after all details anyway, be it as huge as hiring a venue or organizing a perfect honeymoon. So, I felt why not have a firm that solely deals with providing makeup artists as it is easier for the brides and the family members to have a dedicated team look after one of the most important aspects of the wedding preparations.’

Makeup Diaries have their own trained bunch of makeup artists as well as have ties with all the celebrity makeup artists. As one of the top wedding planners, Pulse Events & Wedding organises weddings across the globe which requires the makeup artists to be booked either from the destination itself or having the make up team of the client’s choice travel.

‘Booking & managing celebrity makeup artists is quite a lot of work as all of them are always on the move. Makeup Diaries particularly makes sure that brides have one on one call with the MUA so as to ensure their confidence that all her instructions are passed on correctly. Whenever there is an involvement of a stylist it is made sure that both MUA & stylists are well coordinated. All this detailing becomes quite taxing for brides & the family members which Makeup Diaries very well takes care of.’ Says Sunny Pulse

Namrata Soni, Ojas Rajani, Guneet Virdi, Amrit Kaur (and the list goes on…) are some of celebrity makeup artists who have had strong ties with Makeup Diaries. Their well built connections in the indutry makes it easier for them to get any MUA onboard.

Sunny Sabharwal (Sunny Pulse) further elaborating says, ‘Makeup Diaries team is well versed with the categorised need of the family members too. As crucial & important makeup is for the bride, it is equally pivotal for the family members. The couple’s family is also quite the centre of attraction and their desire of makeup artists almost equals of the bride’s. Keeping in mind everyone’s needs, Makeup Diaries suggests and helps in making an informed decision.’

They also specialise in salon & makeup setups for residential & destination weddings for all  in-house guests.

Typically, Makeup services are associated with women only but Makuep Diaries is not female centric. It provides all kind of services for males & also makeup artists for the groom.

‘The taboo of makeup being associated only with women needs to be taken down now. Makeup Diaries shakes of all kinds gender binary assumptions & offer all kinds of services to men as well. After all, why should women have all the fun? Men too deserve to look as good as the bride & be the apple of people’s eye.’ Says Sunny Pulse adding humour.

Mr. Sunny Sabharwal, a distinguished entrepreneur has gained significant foothold in his various ventures. Being a successful entrepreneur requires diligent commitment which Sunny Pulse is an embodiment of. He is the founder of ‘Pulse’ which is a group of various IPs & companies.

Pulse Events & Wedding by Sunny Sabharwal is the oldest operating firm under the umbrella of ‘Pulse’ which majorly caters to luxurious weddings & events across the globe.

He is also the founder of Pulse Connect which caters to conventions, exhibitions & award ceremonies; uniting different spheres of the market under one platform. A very famous IP ‘Global Iconic Awards (GIA)’ which created quite a lot of buzz across India in 2019 was established as a part of it.

Sunny Sabharwal’s vision of Makeup Diaries is commendable & shall surely achieve great heights.