New York, NY,  February 2021: Online communities are quickly becoming one of the leading platforms that have empowered people worldwide. A perfect example of an empowering online community is The Portal of Divine Knowledge, a community that seeks to help people from all walks of life access the limitless potential within themselves and experience a greater awakening.

Curated by professional truth-seeker and author of multiple books, Jason Shurka, the virtual community has helped many people tap into unrealized pockets of personal power and capability that have leveled up their way and quality of life. The Portal of Divine Knowledge’s vision is to assist humanity in reaching a higher level of awareness through the sharing of sacred knowledge, wisdom, mysticism, and prove secrets that have existed for thousands of years. 

The central value that drives The Portal is the belief that everyone has a divine and eternal power within them innately. The online community aims to draw out that hidden potential in all its members in order to assist them in achieving tremendous success and attain more happiness and fulfillment in all aspects of their lives.

The Portal of Divine Knowledge exists primarily for those who seek access to their highest, and in some cases “supernatural”, potential from within. A group of like-minded individuals, The Portal and its incredible community has remained mostly in-sync, resulting in a more robust consensus and a healthy space for transformation and empowerment. 

Community leader and founder Jason Shurka gathers all members four times a month for either a webinar, workshop, live show with a special guest, and in some cases even guided meditations and activations that are indeed life-changing for just $18 per month! When we asked Jason if he had a specific reason for choosing the number 18, he said, “the number 18 represents the energy and resonance of creation and life and this community is all about creation! I know it’s a low number for what I am providing but, for me, this isn’t about the money. This is about creating a community. This is about coming together. This is about changing the world”. 

The Portal of Divine Knowledge has become a premier mind training community filled with life-changing information, lessons and teachings that has guided many people through the process of removing any emotional scars, aspirational blockages, fears, or negative self-talk that pull people away from their limitless potential. Even as the COVID-19 crisis rages on, the online portal remains a reliable virtual community that people can access anytime and anywhere. Apart from learning from community leader and teacher, Jason Shurka, The Portal of Divine Knowledge also has a strong community base that supports one another through an online forum, developing a reliable support system that has helped many people transition into higher forms of themselves.

One of the factors that set the online community apart from others is how extensive the teachings and workshops are. In addition to focusing on “what” and “why”, The Portal of Divine Knowledge dives deep into the “how”. Teachings in the community are profound but also extremely simple, making them easy to apply to daily life. Another unique factor of this online community is the unique guests Jason Shurka brings into the community for monthly live shows including world-renowned spiritual teacher, Damien Wynne as well as world-renowned remote viewer, Patricia Monna. The Portal has developed a robust library of knowledge that balances the ethereal and the practical by marrying the universe’s secrets to day-to-day applications having to do with all aspects of life.

Jason Shurka continues to lead his community to greater heights as the community grows in size every single day. He hopes to reach and impact more people, especially during these unprecedented times where people need a community with an inspirational, expansive and uplifting atmosphere. 

To learn more about The Portal of Divine Knowledge, visit its Patreon page.