When it comes to setting up a booming salon business, JUICE Salons are the best at it! Imagine a franchise model where you are the master of implementing your dreams and creativity, along with the proper guidance and the best vote of confidence from your investments! Here, we answer the top 5 most asked questions for those who are interested in stepping into the pool of franchising success:



The financial structure of franchising models is based on investments based on your budget and required area of square footage. JUICE Hair Market Pvt Ltd. is an umbrella that covers a majority of beauty and hair care sectors in India and globally. Our models are divided into hair, skin, makeup and nails. So, you can choose from a variety of budgeted and stylish salons based on your capacity of investment.

Therefore, the franchise’s connection is not just locally and nationally famous; you are being advertised internationally as well! Our conversion rates due to this incentive have been incredibly high. Our product sales support and sister company for exquisite patent nail lacquers ensure holistic development. Our three models consist of staff recruitment and operation guidance which gives you a more comprehensive hands-on approach, thus ensuring customer satisfaction. Our OPEX (Operating Expenditures) models are simple, easy to understand for all new franchise openers as it involves minimal costs, maximum returns and calculated risk investments. These funds help support the day to day services and ensure a regular movement and application of supplies and trends.

We strive to ensure better recognition and promotions by helping you set up vial advertising and marketing agencies to promote the brand via influencers and our dearest customers who love the services we offer!


Our operational guidance is top-notch, and we cater to all your salon’s primary setting up needs, such as recruiting staff and ensuring they have the right skills and expertise to deliver. Our technical and administrative training offers you guidance and attracts customers as well. JUICE, as a brand, is renowned for its exclusive customer experience and entrepreneurial model, as we urge young entrepreneurs keen to pursue this field by helping them tackle an achievement by being a proud member of the JUICE Franchises. Live Your Now (LYN) is a sister company that has amassed nail lacquer fanatics from all over the world and what better way for the dear customers to try than from our beauty salons?

We also have tie-ups with real estate agents who help us procure the most convenient and up-beat places to develop a niche where customers flourish. As our model is divided into 3 stages, we help allocate more employability as well as help you weather through socio-economic changes with stronger business techniques that wield profits.



The most enthralling part of being in the service industry is to create a customized user experience that uplifts the brand and your returns. Our model consists of an every 3-4 months review and check, which helps us review strategies and brainstorm new ideas to attract customers and sharpen sales. Our 5-day intense training sessions help train the new staff to understand the products and help them develop the confidence to deliver on their jobs. Up scaling has 2 main aspects, business and emotional. Our business model encompasses the knowledge required to make sure your collaboration with us ensures our profits. The development of business acumen and your innovation as an entrepreneur is given life to minimal and calculated risk. The support offered by us is to help you take your dreams to the next level! The emotional aspect caters to your passion and drives to create trendy and successful looks. 


“Communication is unlocked when transparency is key!”

With no hidden costs and business plans decided at the start of your investments, we have created a platform for all entrepreneurs that offer them returns by 3rd or 4th months, with maximum recovery in 24 months based on the plan chosen by them. With up to 97% renewal rates, we have tremendously magnified our bond and trust with franchise’s opening. 

Brainstorming sessions and emails for day to day services and customer satisfaction surveys are also circulated to help create awareness amongst the various changes that can be made to uplift the franchise outlet. We constantly share trends in order to help you spark inspiration in all your colourful and enlightening ideas for beauty!


The investments made by you are a seedling towards a better-crafted future with minimal risks! The advantages of this method are a plethora, especially when you start receiving your investments in a duration of 1 to 3 years based on the money you have deposited to make your dream come true. The beauty of this franchising method lies in the essence of its success, which provides you low set-up costs and short training durations to bring you a step closer to achieving your goals. We help you strike a balance between reducing the OPEX and increasing the efficiency of services, thus implementing an optimized ROI. The ever-expanding customer base due to enthralling experiences has made sure our franchise outlet number charts have hit high!

The support offered ranges from advertisements and supervision to financial guidance and operational assistance. Take a chance to uplift yourself with better growth opportunities and branding with JUICE Salons. These 5 questions help offer you an insight into a dynamic industry, where customers are offered the services they require in full glory.