On July 22, industrialist Harsh Goenka tweeted an image of an information sheet from Hotel Arc-en-Ciel in Gstaad, Switzerland. The sheet involved rules for the breakfast buffet and went on asking the guests to not steal or make loud noises at the premise. It was addressed specifically to “guests from India.” The viral tweet, triggered anger among travellers and social media users, as they slammed the Swiss hotel for being racist. As it prompted international attention, Hotel Arc-en-Ciel issued an apology. But did that help to regain our image? Just a few days after the incident, a rather embarrassing video appeared online revealing an Indian family who was caught stealing in a resort in Bali, Indonesia. It just made things worse for us Indians, who are considered as highest and most frequent travellers when it comes to travel overseas. 5 Ways in Which You Can be A Responsible Traveller. 

First take a look at the picture of the notice that Goenka shared online. While he felt, "angry, humiliated and wanted to protest," he also urged the travellers to maintain a code of conduct during their holidays.

Here's Goenka's Tweet:

But the now viral video has worsened the situation even more, for the Indians. The family checked out from the resort and were on their way to catch their flight. But they were stopped by the staffs who suspected the family of stealing items from their hotel. The clip, which is about 2.2 minute shows a man, who seems to be a staff of the hotel, scanning the luggage of the family. At first, the members of the family tries to argue, but that did not stop the man from opening every suitcase and taking out things that were stolen from their hotel. Towels, electronics, decorative pieces, were some out of many items that the family was taking with them. After the much embarrassing revelation, one of the women from the family can be heard saying, “We are really very sorry. This is a family tour. We will pay you. Please let us go because we have to catch our flight.”

The video was posted by Twitter user @rumilife0612. “Why do Indians do this I just can’t understand. One shd maintain a certain kind of dignity n class ..What is this #Shame,” she captioned.

Watch the Viral Video:

It is surely an embarrassment for the Indians. Most hotels across the world, want you to feel like home, when you check-in to the room. Hence they fill it with nice and beautiful things around you. You might be tempted with your surroundings, but that does not mean you begin to stuff your suitcases with goodies. There are some etiquettes that every hotel expects from their visitors, just like we as travellers expect from them. While not all the Indians or travellers per se would do such an act, we need to ensure and maintain certain procedures during our trips.

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