Banwa Private Island, World's Most Expensive Resort Opens in Philippines, Costs $100,000 a Night (Watch Video)
Banwa Private Island (Photo Credits: Video grab)

Luxury comes at a price and if you wish to spend your time in the infinity pool by crystal clear ocean water and yet immerse yourself in modernity, then Banwa Private Island is now open. A new resort in the Philippines, it costs $100,000 leaving behind the top owners of luxurious resorts in the world. The most expensive island resort spreads across a land of 15-acres in an archipelago of Palawan. With six beachfront villas, each with a private infinity pool and a Jacuzzi facility, this residential property is open for business, among the most expensive getaways in the world. SuperShe Island: Female Only Resort Destination in Finland Has Strict No-Men Policy.

Banwa Private Island has been under construction for about a decade. It has a capacity of accommodating close to 50 people in its villas and additional suites. To get to this secluded island, one would have to hop on a seaplane from Manila. The arrival costs are not included in the fare, so one needs to shell out the extra cost of getting till the island. However, guests can enjoy unlimited luxury facilities like spa treatments and also enjoy a host of other water adventures like snorkeling, kayaking, jet skiing, scuba diving, and sailing. So you can relax in the hammocks, while you sip some wine or get your adrenaline rush in the crystal clear waters. Popcorn Beach! This Sea-Side in Spain's Canary Islands Has Corals Exactly Like Popcorn, View Stunning Photos and Video.

Watch Video of Banwa Private Island, The World's Most Expensive Resort:

As the pictures also show each corner of this resort is stunning! The interiors are exceptionally modern, the open spaces ensure you are as much as close to nature and the place is surrounded by beauty all around. Coming to the food, there's no doubt about fresh produce on your plates because a team of chefs are available to you. Freshly caught fish from the Sulu Sea and locally grown produce is cooked for the guests. If you are keenly interested in the island's fauna then there is also a wildlife expert available on site.

The place has indeed so much to offer, a mix of modernity amidst the seclusion of nature, Banwa Private Island is now open to the mega-rich clientele. If one has the budget of holidaying in spendthrift style, Banwa Private Island could be a good place to explore.